With the level of exposure that kids have today, it is not really very easy for them to sit and practice a hobby. If we think about it, most kids nowadays above 6 years of age are learning to operate mobile phones, video games, TV and so on. While good things can come out, it is minimal. An incredible thing about childhood is that it’s like magic. Everything seems so special and new. But it is our responsibility to let them make use of this excitement because it is not really easy for a kid to realize what can be productive and not. 

Kids fall prey to this technological world around them. But that fall can be made right if we can guide in the right direction. It is also important that parents spend some valuable time with their kids in such cases. Why do you think kids have a strong bond with technology around them? It is because most of the time they do not have anyone else to bond with. However, this exposure can be very helpful because kids these days have various options to explore. They get chances to do anything and everything as the window to knowledge is wide and open. 

The main reason why any kid should have a healthy hobby because it serves as a foundation for their future. Children have the capacity to observe most things around them and are capable of concentrating more than adults. That is the reason why hobbies should be productive. It will allow and help them to improve concentration, memory power, ability to focus and many more. There are so many camps and events conducted for children to participate and explore themselves, build new skills, etc. But it is not possible for all the parents out there due to various reasons. For such parents, below is a list of hobbies that our kids can try at home and with neighbors which trains them for a superior life. 

1. Clay Modelling

clay modeling

Clay modeling is a very attractive and famous hobby among kids. You know why? Because kids are inspired by the fact that how it was just a clay before they made many beautiful things out of it. There are many benefits that can come out of clay modeling. Scientific researches show that clay modeling stimulates the brain and keeps it active and improves the coordination between hand and eye while they design the model. It also helps in developing the concentration level of kids.

One of the prominent factor of clay modelling is that the kids attain a sense of their own body when they model the objects. It plays a vital role in activating the sensory nerves. The child gets to feel the smoothness of the clay, how cold it is, smells the clay and colors attract their eyes.

Creativity is one of the most valuable learnings that can be improved through clay modeling. A child has so many wonderful images of the world. It does not have anything to complain about. Such creative ideas require a platform. Children need a place where they can express all their creative ideas and this is one the best option for that.

There are different types of clay that can be used for modeling. Some of them are dry clay, air dry clay, polymer clay or edible clay. Kids can model anything with their imagination. It can birds, animals, flowers or scenery. When kids improvise in these basic skills, they can be taught to make clay beads, clay sculptures, and clay pots.

2. Gardening


Gardening is a very interesting hobby even for adults. Although such activities require adult supervision, it is one of the best hobbies for a kid and is the most required for today’s world. The number of environmental hazards took place last year and the connection between nature and us is slowly fading. This can be stopped only by educating our future stars about this.

Instead of teaching them about this, making it a hobby to admire and embrace nature can be really fascinating. It is not necessary that this activity has to be very big such as maintaining a garden. It can be a small compact garden activity that our kids will be able to maintain. There are so many gardening ideas for kids that are been advised to parents.

A small garden on the terrace is very famous among kids these days. With the increased amount of building all over, it is not really possible for parents to provide a garden space for their kids. However, most of our houses have a beautiful spacious terrace which can be turned into a garden. Kids can also grow vegetables and fruits. This way they learn about those vegetables and fruits as well.

The most amazing factor about growing a garden is that it ensures that the kids develop a sense of responsibility. This comes by watering these plants regularly, watching them out, keeping them free from germs, etc. Kids can also create their own garden in a big mud pot, tin cans, canning jar lids, metal baskets, soda bottles, and milk jars. This will help them understand how important recycling and reusing is in today’s world

3. Astronomy & Meteorology


The term could be quite confusing even for adults. How do we expect kids to make a hobby out of this? It is possible. In fact, it is more than possible, it is easy. This is one such hobby which can be more than a hobby for kids. Many meteorologists agree that they were crazy about climatic conditions even as kids.

If you catch your kid watching weather channels for hours and keep changing channels to look for weather news, congrats! He could be meteorologist someday. How can we support our kids if we find out their interest in this field? Not to worry. We just have to start by buying them some small instruments and kits such as rain gauge, digital thermometer, a chart with different climatic conditions and weather clouds. This way kids are able to explore climate changes or even more, measure them.

Are we forgetting something? Oh, we hear you. The title speaks about astronomy as well huh? That’s right. Astronomy is yet another fascinating hobby that could keep our kids on toes. In India, mommy feed their kids by dictating stories to them about the moon. They keep wondering what all of that means only to forget it when they grow up. But there are wide opportunities for our kids to dig our universe.

Some of the easy ways to understand if our kids want this is by buying them magazines which describe astronomy beautifully, like a miracle. Buying them a telescope or binoculars can be the next step towards improvement because the kind of feeling they get when they look into it is beyond words.

4. Crochet


Crochet has become one of the trending hobbies among kids these days. It might be a scary thought to teach your young ones to stitch but once they learn it with proper guidance and supervision they can leave a bench-mark with this hobby. It is an exciting skill that the new generation is going to follow. Some of the crochets that our kids can easily learn are as follows:

  • Finger crochet which can be made with fingers without needles
  • Crochet squares which will allow kids to join corners and rows
  • Chain crochet necklace
  • Pencil case
  • Bags

If the thought of crochet knitting still scares you, here is the wonderful inspiration for you and your kids. Jorah Larson, who suffered from malnutrition, began knitting crochet at the age of 5 and is now running a successful business at the age of 11. He has published a book, appeared in several TV shows and whatnot.

We were not kidding when we chose crochet as an activity for 2020 kids. It calms the minds of kids and keeps it in place. Children will learn to have control over their minds at a very young age which will help them in their future when things get messy around them. By creating some useful crochets, children attain a level of satisfaction which is yet another amazing factor and that satisfaction stays with them and motivates them to do more and do better when they see it being used at home by us.

5. Seashell & Rock Collection

seashell rock collection

Collecting things is an age old hobby and even we as children were interested in collecting coins and stamps. But why seashell and rocks? Coins and stamps were a better choice. Uh, Hello! We did not make a career out of it, did we? Yes, collecting seashells and rocks can actually inspire our kids to do something more than just collecting it.

When we collect something it is definitely out of passion and when we are passionate about something we become curious to know about it. Children will tend to investigate these shells and rocks and they will begin their researches based on this. This will, in turn, help children know more about oceans and seas and the animals which are related to it. This could be an interesting activity for the summer of 2020 which could become your kids’ profession one fine day

6. Tapestry


Tapestry is another art made by a thread. The art of tapestry dates long back to the 15th century or so. Now it has become an activity that is trending among kids. Some of the schools around the world are teaching tapestry as an activity that helps to push their limits. All that is required for a kid to learn this art is cardboard, needle and a thread. The tapestry can be a very enthusiastic art and kids can also make a living out of it.

7. Hiking


Going hiking with kids is one of the best activity and it is fun! It is not really a piece of cake to take them for hiking but it really can be exciting. The world of kids is very vast, unlike adults whose worlds are confided and bounded to a region. Exploring places with kids can be interesting and kids can surprise us as they are active than adults.

But let’s be practical. We can expect these kids to hike like adults. We need to cut some slack here. Keeping these kids engaged in such activities is quite a task. But it would be an amazing travel experience for these kids if they have company. Trust me, companies work magic with kids, especially if they are of the same age.

Um, Just a sec… This is enough for one-half of the journey. What happens with the other half? No worries. Hiking snacks and games are the secrets. If the choices of the place are good, hiking could be a visual treat for kids. But it is important that these experiences should be worth it. There is no kid in this world who is not amused by snacks and games. Organizing interesting games with yummy snacks will take these kids a long way.

There are some interesting experiences that hikers shared and one of them is really interesting. Power tablets! Can you believe that? Energy pills for kids? Absurd! Oh, Relax! Those are just tic-tac tablets. Are we cool now? Yes, kids actually buy it and it makes them walk an extra mile or two. Going to a place where there is water is proved to have excited kids way more than expected. This would be a good choice of destination for parents who decide to take their kids for hiking.

8. Pressed Flower Craft

pressed flower craft

Pressed Flower Craft is a type of craft that’s made from dried flowers. These flowers are dried by keeping them inside a diary or a place that is free from sunlight and water or any kind of ventilation for that matter. This art was practiced from long back in China and Japan and is way more interesting than any other craftwork.

This is one of the famous forms of craft and there are many international competitions conducted in various countries to encourage kids to be creative. The flowers are stuck in a pattern and is made into an art. Sometimes the background is colored with paint and the dry flowers are then stuck on it. This could be an engaging activity for kids, especially girls.

9. Calligraphy

calligraphy for kids

Calligraphy is the top-most activity that every kid should try in 2020. It is a type of art related to writing and kids can practice this art right from their young age. This could be more than just a hobby. With proper training, kids can even develop to write certificates.
Calligraphy is the oldest form of art. Believe it or not, it was found 4000 years ago. Interesting, right? The early forms of writings can be found in Japanese, Arabic and other transcripts. This has recently paved way for modern calligraphy which is why this should be tried by kids of 2020.

10. Pottery

Pottery is a very curious and remarkable activity that can be tried out by kids but it requires utmost dedication. Pottery is the art of molding clay into different types of objects and sculptures. The objects are made from damp clay mixed with other materials. There are different methods of pottery. Some of them are hand-shaping methods, mass-production methods, and decorating methods, etc. Kids having their hands in hobbies like this can develop their level of concentration and have control over things as pottery demands all these qualities in its making-process

Some of the important supplies for calligraphy can be as follows:
• Brause calligraphy nip holder
• Brause pen nip
• Speedball dip ink
• Calligraphy paper
• Calligraphy guide sheet
Some of the famous calligraphy books that can be referred by kids for writing are Calligraphy for Kids by Eleanor Winters, Kids Book of Creative Letting by Lindsay Ostrom, and The Illuminated Alphabet by Theodore Menten, etc.


Some of the other activities that kids can try in 2020 are:

  • Photography

  • Involving in science projects

  • Hosting a nature scavenger hunt

  • Creating collages with wastes

  • Mud painting

  • Water activities like piñata, pipe water shooters, water jump rope

  • Cooking

  • Dance painting

  • Learn to play instruments

  • Volunteer for community services

  • Visiting libraries

  • Plan a picnic

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