best art and craft academies in chennai

Art and Craft is an amazing hobby to have, if not a hobby, it is a great profession that one can possess because we are all, those people who would eventually fall for amazing and attractive works. Chennai is a hub for various art forms which includes this form of art: ‘Art & Craft’ as well. However, it is important to see if the classes you take up are valid enough to learn such sincere art. Here are some of the best Art & Craft academies in Chennai


E-Square Academy is one of the best Art and Craft academy in Chennai which focuses on training kids and others who are passionate about art and craft works or for becoming one of the famous artists ever. Oil painting, canvas, acrylic, and other basic courses are all offered at affordable prices. They also have one of the best professionals to help their students to reach great heights. They also organize various programs and competitions to give more exposure to their students.

No. 112, E Square Building,
Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 600041



saraswathy arts and crafts academy in chennai

As the name suggests, this place is a paradise and a professional place for kids and others so as to learn more about art and crafts. Professional training for their students in all aspects regarding art and craft works, under better staff and infrastructure, makes this academy a more efficient and more effective learning space. Apart from the basic training one gets here, they are also exposed to many competitions and programs at a very young age itself, which motivates the students very much.

No.8, Vijay Nagar,
5th Main Rd, Velacherry,
Chennai – 600042


creative ladder in chennai

Creative Ladder is definitely a place to enhance one’s creativity by expressing them in the form of craft or artwork. By having one of the best personnel or professionals to train their students and by being very efficient in terms of infrastructure and other aspects, this academy is an apt place for art enthusiasts to learn and train themselves in the right way.

South Boag Rd,
Thyagaraya Nagar,
Chennai – 600017


This academy tries to push the boundaries for their students in order to make them achieve great heights. They make the impossible come true and make their students go beyond their comfort zone by exposing them to new techniques and modern equipment. This academy is a great place to develop one’s skill and confidence as this place is all about positive vibes and confidence.

No. 15/8, Radial House, Collector Nagar,
Anna Nagar Western Extension,
Chennai – 600101


sai fine arrts academy in chennai

Sai Fine Arts is a place where one can learn the nuances of art and craft and can also become experts in it in no time. This academy is also a great academy where students are taught about various art and craft methods and do help them in gaining more experience by participating in various art competitions and by being a part of various events.

No.4/16, 5th Street,
Ram Nagar, Nanganallur,
Chennai – 600061


This is a great place to spend one’s summer days, especially for kids who can make their summer holidays more productive as this place will guide them and tutor them about various art and craft sessions and methods. On the whole, this will be a great guide for kids who are passionate about art and craft and can make them professionals in this field as well.
Ambattur Ayapakkam, Ambattur Industrial Estate,
Chennai – 600053


This class will guide their students in the field of drawing and as well as painting which are part of artworks. Starting from pencil sketching to canvass and other colour painting, this class will teach their students the tricks and basics of it. They also have the best and professionally trained or experienced trainers to teach their students.
No. C-38, Kalakshetra Colony,
Parvathy Street, Besant Nagar,
Chennai – 600090


oviyas arts crafts classes in chennai

Oviya Arts and Crafts is an academy that focuses on providing art and craft classes to those who are interested in it. Painting, sketching, craft making are all part of the course provided in this class. One can select their course as per their interests and can enhance their skills in various other fields as well. This class is much more affordable and is more effective too.

No.1, 5th Avenue, Sivasakthi Nagar,
Annanur, Chennai – 600109


lines and curves art academy in chennai

This class helps one develop a great hobby out of art and craft. One can also become experts in it and can use various techniques to understand and exhibit their expression or thoughts into paintings, or any art or craftwork. As the name suggests, this class mainly focuses on painting or drawings, which consists of lines and curves.

No.8, Velan Nagar,
9th Street Extension, Valasaravakkam,
Chennai – 600087


pehooz creations art academy in chennai

Peehooz Creations is not just a place to learn art and craft, in the most advanced and professional manner but is also a place where one can attend their English and Maths classes as part of their co-curriculum. This is a double benefit for the students to attend both their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities under one roof and that too with some experts.

Plot No. 26, Karpagam Nagar,
1st Cross Street, Selaiyur,
Chennai – 600073

On the whole, art and craft is both, a great hobby and an amazing profession to take up, especially in this modern era, where every aspect of life is changing. One can become a great artist or become experts in the field of art and craft by just attending these types of classes because that’s how efficient these classes are present. Passion should never be subsided but should be elevated. – Promoting Talent, is an online platform to search Academics, Activities (Events) and Artist for your Learning, Entertainment and Professional needs in the field of Dance, Singing, Instruments, Acting, Sports, Art, Cooking & many such talents.  Log in today to find your fun.


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