Dance is one of the refined art-forms in this world. It is an expression expressed through body movements, along with facial expressions, matching the soul of music. Dance in India has been there since people had consciousness. For any celebration, Indians dance, be it an old lady or a kid, everyone dances, for, it is part of India’s culture. Dance may vary in style depending upon various factors. However, certain dance forms belong to certain countries and regions, like Kathak for Uttar Pradesh, Odissi for Odissa and Bharatanatyam for Tamil Nadu. The major divisions in dance is the classification of ‘classical’ and ‘folk’ forms. Even martial arts are a form of dance.

Kids, right from the age of 5/6 are trained to become dancers, or can be just introduced to this dance world. However, to make a career in dancing, one needs an inborn talent, training and expert guidance, hard work, exposure and determination. If you have the power to master the art then a career in dance can become a sweet reality. Education is also necessary, at least the foundation school level learning is necessary to be at least equipped for an alternative career, if not dance. There are even dance courses in different colleges. You should also be creative, professional, versatile, should have the sense of rhythm, grace, stage presence and physical stamina to hold a career in dance.




One of the main career options in dance is to become a dance performer. This is something that every dancer would aim for, for, it’s all about exhibiting one’s talent in front of an audience. However, a performer should have attractive appearance, facial expression and the skill to take up different roles. Should be acquainted with stage presence and other aspects of performing in a stage. Great performers like Shobana, Rukmini and other artists have set a great role-model for others who are passionate about it. Many avenues are open for such artists.



All great performers will be great teachers too. One must have an aptitude for teaching, patience and the skill of initiation to train kids and others who are new to it. Such dance teachers can train kids at their house / have a separate dance school for it. They can also become teachers in schools, colleges, and in dance institutes too.



One of the main career option which is in high demand is the need for good dance choreographers. These choreographers are people who do dance compositions, for both group dance and solo performances. They even group dancers and establish sequence of dances. They should also have exceptional creative powers to interpret music in terms of beat, speed and dance. Such choreographers can go into films, television and other social media platforms. One can teach college / student college students as well.


Working in a theatre, where acting is focused, even dance skills can be useful. You can also become great arts administrators by working in any of the dance companies. As a dancer, you’ll be aware of all the things required for a show and everything related to it. Therefore, this will make sure you earn enough by doing what you love. If you are good at organising budgetary finances, schedule meetings, rehearsals or even shows, or be a support to the artistic director, then this career choice will be apt for you all.5


Even if you a full-time dancer, you can still have secondary career choices like Yoga and Pilates instructor. The kinaesthetic knowledge you gain form your dance trainings can be implemented to teach such mind-body techniques. You can take up several types of training methods as a yoga instructor. You can also work in the gym and other dance studios as fitness trainer.


Being a dancer yourself, you may know the movements of the dancers. You may be well-informed about predicting great photo moments and video framing. Moreover, if you are also interested in photography, then this field can be very alluring and interesting to have both of your passion together as a career. Dancers always have a creative eye, and when this is established in photography, one can reach great heights.


Through this career option, you will be exposed to the arts administration field of a company. You’d be expected to create, design and maintain web pages, design flyers and other promotional contents. You’d also be expected to do promotions for certain dancers / any dance event. You can also attain a special degree in digital marketing / graphic design in order to become an expert in that field.


If you are a dancer, then you will be prone to a lot of different costumes. In a much better scenario, if you are a performer, then you’d be aware of what type of costumes best suit for what type of dance forms. This knowledge along with some passion for designing can make you a great costume designer for dance or normal clothing. You could also learn to sew and create your own costumes, if you work for a certain company.

“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
~ Martha Graham



  1. One’s passion will be extremely satisfied and one will definitely have a career they love.
  2. Being a dancer, there should be a continuous flow of creative energy and innovative power, for, dance is all about expression in the interesting manner.
  3. Having a career in dance can bring you fame and a platform to showcase your talents. Once you are established, fame and popularity will be an easy task.

  1. One should dedicate themselves to dance, for, it requires regular practice. Such practices will take long hours and does require more physical stamina and mental energy to keep up with the flow.
  2. Dancing can never be a job, based on a specific timework. Other jobs like IT, they have a specific time period to work, which is not the case with dancers. A career in dance means, a career where you need to be ready to work at any point and time.
  3. If you are a performer / a choreographer, you may not get regular shows or stages to perform because this is a competitive world and is a seasonal business too.
  4. In terms of salary, you can never expect more enumeration in the starting stage itself. If you work as an assistant, you may get around Rs.5000 to Rs.8000 per month. If you are an established artist, then you can have your own salary fixed.

“Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

Despite such de-merits, mertis of having dance as your career in India is more, for, now-a-days, people are more aware of various art forms and their need to develop again. Dancers are much in need, so as to provide a different, colourful and soulful entertainment to the society. Moreover, India is a land of artistic elements, with different cultures and traditions. Therefore, a dance career in India will eventually be a successful one but can be risky, just like any other career choice. is an online platform where you can show your talent in Dance, Singing, Art & Craft, Sports, Acting, Photography, Fitness & many other activities. You can also find nearby Academies, Clubs and Institutions related to your talents. Find upcoming events, workshops, live-shows, auditions, tournaments & lot more of your city. Stay connected & promote your talents with only.




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