“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Music is the most powerful weapon in this world. Such music is not only oral but can be produced by various instruments like violin, guitar, veena, keyboard and many more such instruments. These musical instruments have their own significance and history. Instruments like Sitar, veena, violin and others are one of the ancient instruments found and are used mainly for Carnatic music. However, the scenario in today’s world have changed with more of the western instruments like guitar, keyboards and many others. Despite such variations, the ability to play any of these musical instruments is such a blessing and wonderful thing for music gives peace and makes one feel content about life.

Kids are the most imaginative source in this world, as they are always curious and so they keep inventing or discovering innovative things. It will be helpful for the child if he/she learns to play any musical instrument or even learns music. Even adults, can learn music and learn to play one of the musical instruments. However, there are different factors which should be taken into consideration before choosing the right musical instrument for you. Here are the different factors involved in helping you decide the right musical instrument for you.


Age is an important factor to note, for, physically handling the instruments are one important factor to consider. For kids, younger than the age group of 6 years, they can handle violin or a piano, but they cannot handle violin or drums that easily, because of the unique structure of such instruments. Once one is older than 6 years of age, then they can choose any instrument of their interest. These pianos can be a great choice for kids as it provides foundational skills of music, as it gives a visual representation of music and its theory. Violins also help one to learn music and helps in developing such musical skills with ease and efficiency.


Body type is another most important factor to play instruments. One’s body type should be good enough to handle the instrument. Therefore, before you decided which instrument to play, take your height, weight and physical fitness into consideration. Instruments like bassoon are very large and cannot be handled by those who are short in height. In case of musical instruments like flute or trumpet, take your lip size into consideration. Instruments like trumpet / French horn require people with small lips, while the others would struggle to use it. Even one’s fingers are necessary to consider. If your fingers are long and slender, then piano would be a great option to choose.


Most of the time, having braces would hamper your ability to play different musical instruments. However there are certain instruments which can be used even with your braces. Bassoons and oboes does not mind you having braces, you can easily play them even with your braces. Instruments like trumpet, French horn and tuba is not compatible to those who wear braces.


Practice is necessary to perfect an art. Therefore it is much essential to make sure how much time you can allot for learning / practicing any musical instrument. You should also make sure that you have enough time to practice them regularly. For instance, large instruments like piano / drums need quite a big space to fit in. Make sure you have such spaces either at your home or in any place you would practice them, so as to keep a regular check on practicing it. You should also think twice before choosing such instruments, if you happen to live in a quiet neighbourhood. However, instruments like flute or keyboard does not require much spaces and does not make much sound.


Any wood and percussion instrument will require coordination to play them. Instruments like drums, especially, needs coordination of leg and hands. Even Miruthangam, requires the coordination of the fingers. Therefore, depending on how much coordinated you can be, make your choice in these musical instruments.


If you love to be the centre of focus or if you a person who loves travelling or to remain inside your boundaries, whatever is your personality, there are instruments to match each of your personality. If you are an outgoing person then you can choose flute (which is generally near the front of the band), saxophone, trumpet and many such loud instruments. But in case you are the opposite of it, then you can choose instruments other than stringed instruments to avoid cuts and other issues.


In case you are confused in what instrument to choose, then it is best advisable to talk with your teacher or with any of the musical experts you know. You music teacher would know about your musical skill than you, therefore, it will be the best thing to do. Go ask your teacher. In case you are not into any music classes, then find any musical expert among your friends or family and get their suggestions.


Instruments like oboe and piano require high analytical thinking to create new music and be experts in it. In case you think you have less analytical abilities then instruments like Saxophone, trombone and flute can be efficient for you. Depending on your innovative and creative ability, choose your musical instrument.


Before you dive into this music field, listen to a lot of different varieties of music and songs. Later, analyse which sounds you do like from the various music you listen, then analyse which instrument produces those sounds and select that instrument and start learning. Interest is very much necessary to learn anything, especially musical instruments, which requires patience and perseverance, throughout the process. In case you are interested in many instruments, then give a try to each one of them, then decide which best suits you and your interests.


One of the main factors which will make you decide a certain musical instrument is the concept of ‘social image’, where you would settle for an instrument that is seen as the most ‘coolest’ instrument, even when it does not suit you. This factor has the ability to avoid all the above mentioned considerations, therefore, stay cautious and choose wisely. Make sure you have the real image of any instrument before you settle for its wrong preconceptions.

These are some of the main aspects to be kept in mind for choosing the right musical instrument for you. Make sure you do not eliminate any of these factors before settling / deciding, for, if you choose an instrument unsuitable for you, then you may find it difficult to learn and prosper in it. Whatever you choice is, make sure to work hard to learn and practice continuously. To know to play any musical instrument is a great thing, for, music is the language of the heart.


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