“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”
~ Dorothea Lange

Photography is an art which is younger to other art forms like dance and music in India. Photography developed only with the development of different gadgets like professional cameras, smartphones and video recorders. The initial aspects of photos were only portraits, wither sketched or painted by great artists. Now-a-days, it’s the camera that replaces the paintbrushes.


Photography in the olden days was not a successful art form, it did not bring in great career opportunities other than photos taken in events, weddings and movie, but now the scenario is entirely different, for the field of photography has evolved tremendously to the good aspects. With e-commerce as the new trend, there’s a great need for photographers for advertisements and other mass media related issues. Even a separate course called the ‘Visual Communication’, has been established and even photography courses in the PG level has been executed.

Photography is not only limited to events, weddings and movies now, various websites for clothing, cosmetics, food and many more depend mainly on photographers to portray their products and services to people. Therefore, fashion photography, food photography sports, wildlife, pet and many more types of photography have seen the light in the recent years and will see more of it in the upcoming years.


  1. A photographer should learn to work with different clients who will have different needs and preference of choices. The photographer should discuss the type of images the client requires and act accordingly.
  2. To capture the required images for the clients, the photographers should travel to lot of places.
  3. A photographer should be aware of various range of equipment and their utilities.
  4. To receive a better end product, a photographer should connect with other professionals, graphic designers, researchers and many more.
  5. A photographer should be an expert in different software related to cutting, cropping, editing and many more.
  6. A photographer should develop a great portfolio for themselves so that they could self-market their skills and build a great career in it.
  7. Personal skills are also mandatory. The eye for unique angels and details should be there for all photographers, so as to capture the unbelievable moments in the most astonishing manner. Discipline and patience are also mandatory for photographers to capture moments at the right time.



A journalist is a person who covers all happenings in a society to the eye of a wider audience. Therefore, by being a photo journalist, you can start taking photos of moments that cover any social issues like condition of hospitals, protests and many more and can send them to the newspapers.


Advertisements are the biggest promotion technique that is followed for more than 40 years. Any advertisement telecasted on your TV is a work of the advertising photographer. A photographer taking photos for a particular commercial is the work you need to follow under this career opportunity. This can be huge, for, it’s in the promotion industry.


Events and concerts are held on a large scale throughout the country. However, photos on such events and concerts are necessary to make them memorable. Therefore you can also become an event photographer who has to be there for any event / launch of a certain product or for any such activities, so as to capture them and file them. Even concert photographers fall into this category. They are the ones who take photos of big concerts that has thousands of people.


Weddings have always been a dream to everyone and making it a memorable one is very much necessary. Photos taken during one’s wedding will live forever in those big albums and will provide a nostalgic feel to those who look through those photos. As wedding is a big day for the one’s involved, it is necessary to appoint professional photographers to shoot the wedding. Therefore, this field, which never runs out of fashion is a great way to have a career in photography, especially in India.


Landscape refers to the beautiful sceneries of mountains, rivers, forests, grasslands and many more. The work of a landscape photographer is to capture such amazing beauties of nature, so as to frame those photos and hang them in the walls or to keep them in the rooms to adorn it. These can also be used to create a profile or for other professional purposes.


If you are already a traveler and have a passion for photography, then you are on the right track, for both travel and photography are the world’s best pair. By traveling to various places, you can also capture their uniqueness and their specialties. These photos can be published in different magazines or websites too.


One of the main elements of photography is to be a family or a baby photographer, for, these were the first needs to have a photo. Even wedding photography would fall into this category, where families take photos to frame them and adorn their house’s walls with those.


Big channels like Discovery, National Geographic Channels depend on such wildlife photographers, who dive into those thick forests and does capture the life of wild animals. Pet photography refers to the photo shoot of various pet animals like cats/ dogs and others.


Architecture is the most complex, yet, the most alluring aspect of human development. Taking images of great architectures can also be a career option. Even the real-estate agents depend on photographers to take photos of sale land/house so as to promote it to the buying public.


A photographer who shoots images related to scientific purposes, fall under this category. There are also different types of scientific photography. One is called the Micro Photography, where photographers take pictures of very small living things like bacteria and others. The second type is where the photographers take pictures of slightly bigger living things like ant and so on. The third type is called the Medical Photography, where a photographer takes photos during any operation / surgery. All these focus on getting close images.


This is the most demanding field in photography ever, for, stars are never zero. In fact, there are so many new stars born each day and therefore the work of the photographers to run around a celebrity and take every photo of them, never runs out of fashion. Such photos will be published in the social platforms, so that everyone can see it. One can make good money out of it.


You can also become a photo blogger, where you can actually use your photos that you did capture with your camera, to blog. Through this method, you can present your photos to the world with your own wordings and style.

These are the main career opportunities for any photographer, especially in India. There is always a huge demand for such photographers but the competition level is also huge, which makes it a risky business to depend on photography for food. However, being a photographer is a blessing, because you tend to discover various colours and elements of nature and life but one needs to work under pressure and difficult working-conditions. It can also involve irregular working hours and your initial salary will also be low. But as you grow and earn a name for yourself, as a photographer, then you can demand your own salary. There’s also a great scope for event, lifestyle and travel photographers in today’s world. Wedding photography will always be in demand. Even fashion photography requires fresh talents and great photographers to showcase their products to the entire world, in the most attractive manner. You should also make sure that you develop your network by connecting with various people, so as to establish a successful and a safe career in photography.

“Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
~ Marc Riboud

Work hard, choose wisely and try being the perfect person in everything you do. Photography in India, and that too as a career, is definitely a risky yet, an efficient one. is an online platform where you can show your talent in Dance, Singing, Art & Craft, Sports, Acting, Photography, Fitness & many other activities. You can also find nearby Academies, Clubs and Institutions related to your talents. Find upcoming events, workshops, live-shows, auditions, tournaments & lot more of your city. Stay connected & promote your talents with only.



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