Diet refers to the usual meal of anyone. This can be for any specific medical reasons, or for any general reason like loss of weight / for gaining them. Diet also restricts one from having different types of meal, other than the prescribed meal. Here are the major types of diet which will ensure you good health and delicious nutrition too



This is a type of diet that focuses on the insulin levels of humans. Carbohydrate, when consumed in large numbers, does act a source which will increase the insulin levels rapidly in a person and will also fall rapidly. The real problem of one’s insulin levels increasing is that, when their insulin levels are increased rapidly they tend to make the body store energy from the consumed food. This will make the body use the stored fat as a source of energy, which is not a healthy practice. Therefore, this Atkins Diet, makes people focus on food items that have protein and fat, or either one of them, and aims in controlling the insulin levels in the body by having a low-carbohydrate diet. However, one must consult the doctor before taking this diet, for, this diet has its own risks



The word ‘Mediterranean’ refers to a diet that is primarily foods from plants, such as: fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and many more. This diets does prohibit the consumption of meat to a greater extent but does not eliminate it completely. This diet also uses a lot of oil instead of butter, salad dressings and marinades, for, olive oil and canola oil are just healthy fats than the avoided butter and other items. Fish is focused more than chicken, for its health benefits and this diet also makes sure that one add vegetables to each of their meal, to make it healthy. By having the entire diet so healthy, this diet helps one with depression. It also makes sure to have control over one’s blood sugar levels. If one needs to lose their weight in a healthy manner, then this diet is the best solution.



This diet is very similar to that of the Atkins diet, where both of these diets focus on controlling the insulin levels by reducing the amount of unnecessary refined carbohydrates. This also highlights the benefits of unrefined slow carbohydrates and fast carbohydrates and therefore lets people know what type of carbohydrates should be consumed. Dr.Agatston (cardiologist), along with a nutritionist, Marie Almon, devised this diet, during the 1990s. Dr.Agatston was the key initiator to this diet mainly because he was thoroughly disappointed with the unhealthy diet followed in the American Heart Association. He saw that as an unhealthy diet because it had low-fat and high-carb, which were not good for men in the long term. Therefore a number of healthy fats, lean protein and some good carbohydrates are all made to be consumed under this diet.



Vegan refers to the diet, under which any type of meat is avoided. Even products that are animal-based, like, eggs, dairy and honey are also avoided. Some do this in the name of religion and the others in the name of healthy living/ diet. There are also others who follow this Vegan diet, not just for personal reasons, but for environmental and ethical reasons. Even compassion acts as one of the criteria for following this diet. The main aim of this diet is to eat plant-based foods, so that the animals would suffer less. They also criticise the modern farming methods which are environmentally bad and which are unsustainable for the long-run. When one takes no meat at all, then their intake of cholesterol and saturated fat are reduced, which will reduce the chances of coronary heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure. Meat, however, have their own proteins and vitamins too, so in order to compensate that, the Vegans should take in a lot of protein and vitamin B-12. Stay as Vegans, stay healthy and save the environment and nature.



Zone diet ensures that a person consumes 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of fats and 30% of proteins in each of their meal, so as to keep their insulin levels under control. This diet will also help one to achieve their weight loss and one can also control their body weight more effectively under this method. They type of food items this diet prefers are some high-quality carbohydrates like the unrefined carbohydrates. Even healthy fats like olive oil, avocado and nuts should also be consumed. Overall, this is a diet that focuses on the right proportion of all types of proteins and vitamins that are required for our body and does not eliminate any type of food too.



Paleo’s diet is very much natural and nature-oriented. This stops all intake of sugar, except the one that is naturally available in the fruits. It’s not just sugar but even the processed food sand grains are also excluded from one’s diet. This is will lead to a decreased amount of glucose in one’s body and therefore the body will use the deposited fat to generate energy, which will curb obesity and other health issues. In this diet, even dairy products are excluded. Paleo diet that includes food items like fish, vegetables, fowl, oil, nuts, fruits, sweet potatoes, eggs and meat which are grass-fed instead of grain-fed. This is one of the healthy diets one can follow.


A vegetarian diet is also similar to the Vegan diet but the only difference between them is, under a vegetarian diet, one can consume dairy products while they are completely avoided in the Vegan diet. This type of vegetarian diet is also classified into many types like the lacto-vegetarian, fruitarian vegetarian, Lacto-ovo vegetarian, ovo – vegetarian, living food diet vegetarian, semi-vegetarian and pesco – vegetarian. These lacto-ovo vegetarians do not eat animal-based foods except products like eggs, dairy and honey. Most of the vegetarians are lacto-ovo vegetarians only. This diet does provide people with lower body weight, fewer diseases and a longer life expectancy than any others who consume meat and other diets.



The name itself suggests the type of diet it follows. Any processed food items, including drinks, are avoided under this diet. The only source of intake is when the food items are totally plant-based or organic. The food should also be uncooked. Any food item that has been pasteurized with any kind of synthetics or additives are also eliminated. The ones who follow this diet believe that everyone should at least, for three-quarters of their meal should consume uncooked food, other than these inorganic, processed foods. Even Vegans fall into this category in large numbers. However, the main purpose of this diet is to create a surge in energy by decreasing the inflammation and the number of carcinogens in one’s diet. This paves way for a healthy and organic meal and lifestyle.



This diet is completely based on studies conducted by various doctors. The doctors have initiated research in diets which does coincide with particular blood types. However, the main aim of this diet is to match one’s dietary needs based on their blood type. It’s just like how a person with O blood are advised/recommended to eat lots of high protein food items and are required to avoid dairy products while food items like spinach, red meat, seafood and broccoli are to be consumed, to lose weight. Similarly, the one who belongs to the A blood group should avoid meat and focus more on turkey, tofu and fruits. They should primarily on soy, seafood and vegetables in case they need to lose weight. Even the ones who belong to the B and AB blood groups have their own restrictions and recommendations in their diet.



Weight Watchers diet is a diet that focuses on weight loss, which is achieved through diet, exercise and a support network, who will guide people about their diet and exercises. This diet’s name was derived from a huge company named Weight Watchers Inc., which was created in the 1960s, by a homemaker. She was so concerned about gaining her lost weight and therefore created a network of friends which did develop into a huge corporation, with lots of branches now. Any dieters can join this diet wither physically or they can also attend regular meetings online. However, the main aim of this method is to support and educate the dieter with the right diet and exercises to follow for certain outcomes like weight loss/weight gain and many more other issues.


Amongst all these different types of diet, the best diet that everyone can follow is the Mediterranean Diet which includes intake of all types of fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. It also supports the consumption of meat to a limited extent, unlike other vegetarian diets that avoid the intake of any type of meat, which is not quite a healthy habit. Humans should consume both meat and organic materials, in the right proportion, to stay healthy, therefore Mediterranean diet is the best diet to follow, for anyone, to stay happy too.

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