Cricket is an ‘emotion’ now, which makes humans excited and even celebrate if their team wins and cry if they lose a match. People go crazy about their favourite teams and players, to a very great extent. Cricket has been in this field of entertainment and attraction for so long years. Here are the top 10 cricketers in India that one can’t tend to forget at any cost. Every Indian would know their names, even when they are not a fan of cricket.


“I feel when somebody has been playing cricket for a long time, he creates a separate identity for himself!”


Sachin Tendulkar is known as the ‘God of Cricket’, for he was the only cricketer to score a 100 centuries in his lifetime. He is an icon and is a player who has won a lot of hearts. His retirement made the entire country and even the other cricket fans indulge in cries, for he was the man of power in the field. He made his debut in his 16 years and ever since has been the boy who won hearts and the matches. He was, for many years, the opening batsman and was also a great exponent of straight drive. In just 200 test matches, he scored 15921 runs and 18426 runs in 463 ODIs. Overall, Sachin has played in 664 international matches, thereby scoring around 34357 runs, proving his efficiency once again. Even great bowlers claimed that Sachin was the toughest batsman to dismiss. India is so lucky to have a cricketer like Sachin, for, without him, cricket would not have become a great sport in India or for Indians. He is also an inspiration for many young cricketers, even Dhoni, Virat Kohli, are all fans of Sachin, who have also learned so much from him. Therefore the chorus, “Sachin…Sachin”, will never be lost, for he is a legend.


“If you want to do something, achieve something, you can’t be thinking all the time of what you don’t have.”


Kapil Dev is the Captain who can never be in the forgotten-books / in the long-forgotten history, for it was under his captainship that India won its first ever Cricket World Cup, in the year 1983, and that too in Cricket’s hometown, London. Kapil Dev, apart from being an amazing Captain, was also a great batsman and a fast bowler, thereby making him an all-rounder. His run-records track down to the score 5248 runs in 131 tests and 3783 runs in 225 ODIs. He has also taken around 400 wickets in the test matches and 253 wickets in the ODIs. He’s also a reason why Indians started playing cricket. He is a senior player to Sachin too, and proves to be the first ever Indian cricket player who brought India its victory and emotion to play cricket. He’s an unreplaceable player, till date.


“Comparisons are really no good in sport, especially if it is a comparison between different eras and generations, for there are so many variables that come into play, starting from the quality of the opposition to playing conditions.”


Sunil Gavaskar is a great batsman and a great bowler who is also one of the renowned Indian cricketers of all time. He’s the first Indian batsman to score 10000 test runs and has also been a great bowler with great attack strategies. Even in his debut series, he scored a record of 774 with 200 runs and 3 centuries. His talent in batting can never be replaced and his records are also unbreakable. He’s also known for his ruthless bowling techniques, which brought India, many victories. Even his contemporary players called him the, “greatest batsman.” He’s a pride to India and is also one of the first influencers to make Indians be fond of Cricket.


“The best way to get away from a crisis and yet hold on the reins without performance is to find a godfather who would save you at crisis and fool the entire world. This is how it has worked for me.”


Sourav Ganguly was the ‘Prince of Calcutta’ but despite having the royalty by birth, he did earn them by being an amazing cricketer too. He was a left-hander and was a great off-side player. He was famously called as ‘Dada’, for his brilliant performances and his character as a person. He scored 7212 runs in 113 tests and 11363 runs in 311 ODIs. He was also the captain of team Indian and did craft the team very well and efficient to win so many matches in his era. He was an all-rounder and was called the ‘Off-side God!’ In fact, it was Sourav who refined the Indian team after its terrible fall in the 1999 debacle. He was known for his ability to bring the team up even in its darkest time and did make them grow and shine brighter again. Sourav Ganguly is one of the successful Captains of the Indian Cricket team and was the only man to win ‘Man of the Match’, in his four consecutive One-day international matches


“Cricket is not everything, not by any means, but it is a large part of who I am.”


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, was first a great batsman and a wicket-keeper, who later went on to be a great Captain who made the Indian team win 2 World Cups and many ODIs, also made India as the 1st team in the test matches list. He’s also called as ‘Captain Cool’, for his calm, cool posture even in the most tensed situations. He’s a composed man, who knows what to do and when. To prove his potential as a player, he did win the ‘Man of the Match’, in the 2011 World Cup finals. He’s known for his ‘helicopter shot’, and is the world’s one of the best match finishers. If you are searching for the next Indian Cricket sensation after Sachin, it’ll definitely be Dhoni. His runs are 4876 in 90 tests and 9110 in 283 ODIs. He’s also the second World-Cup winning skipper of India, after Kapil Dev.


“You just have to make things as relaxed as possible. You have to be the first one to approach them at times.”


Rahul Dravid was the champion everyone needed to bring back the Indian team from the crisis stage to the brighter side, in the modern era. He had stiff competition to set records, from Sachin and others, but however, proved his efficiency and talent by being one of the best Captains of the Indian team and for also scoring 13288 runs in 164 tests and 10889 runs in 344 ODIs. His name will never be forgotten in the history of Cricket legacy. He was famously known as the ‘The Wall’, by his fans, for he had the ability to stand erect even in worst situations. He had this calm persona which brought many victories his way, he has also guided the Indian team to win even the impossible victories. He’s mostly known for his performances in his test matches and as the Captain. He also had the heart and soul to encourage his team members to succeed, despite achieving as a single player. He was a great team player, unlike any others.


“In the dressing room they told me I was hitting the good balls too, but if you look at it my way, I hit only the bad ones.”


India’s another most famous Cricketer is Virender Sehwag, who has this amazing style and is a swagger. He’s also a vigorous player, who takes test matches very seriously too. In fact he holds a record for scoring the fastest triple century in international cricket’s history.  His contemporaries were never equal to him, for he had an amazing talent and a well-defined execution in the field, who was a treat to watch. He’s also a great opening batsman, who has the record of 8586 runs in 104 tests and 8273 runs in 251 ODIs. Sehwag, has the highest score of taking 219 in the ODIs, which no one else has overtaken. He’s also termed as the most dangerous batsman by his contemporaries.



India’s most famous spinner is Anil Kumble who holds the record of taking 619 wickets in the tests. He was the highest test wicket taker in India and the 3rd highest in the world, as he’s one committed player who makes sure that he performs well in the matches, even with injuries. He was a leg-spinner who was known for his effectiveness on bouncy tracks, was also known for making the match in favour to India. He did claim 619 wickets in 132 test matches and 337 wickets in just 271 ODIs. Anil is in fact, the second Indian bowler to make 400 test wickets. He was also known for taking 10 wickets in a single test inning and was called as the ‘best bowling performance of all time.’ He’s also one of the best coaches India could get


“No matter how talented you are or naturally gifted you are; there’s no substitute to hard work if you got to maintain standards.”


Despite a heavy competition for the ‘best players’ in the Indian team, Rohit Gurunath Sharma is known as the best classical player than anyone else. He’s also one of the stylish batsman, a great human being and a winning super star, whose works can never be compared with anyone. He’s also termed as the Ro-Hitman Sharma for his brilliant batting and runs. He is India’s vice-captain for limited-overs format. He was also, occasionally, a right-arm off break bowler. In the IPLs, he’s the captain for the Mumbai Indians and has brought them another championship this season. Rohit Sharma, is a great batsman to Indian Cricket team.


“Self- belief and hard work will always earn you success.”


Virat Kohli, the current Indian Captain, is a lion in the field, who’s a great batsman and a leader too. He has in fact scored 5 centuries in a row that no one else has ever scored. Even Sachin, Dhoni and other great cricket players, praise Kohli for his amazing batting skills and run-rates. He’s also termed as the nest ‘Sachin’. He was termed as the ‘Cricketer of the year 2012’, for his tremendous performance in the matches. Despite his personal loss and battles, he still worked well in the fields to win matches. Kohli become India’s captain for the test matches in 2014 and for the ODIs in 2017 and is certainly doing his best to make everyone proud. He has obtained several world records and is one of the gem that Indian team has.


  1. Suresh Raina
  2. Harbhajan Singh
  3. Yuvaraj Singh
  4. Ravi Shastri
  5. Mohammad Azharuddin
  6. Zaheer Khan
  7. Ajay Jadega
  8. V.S.Laxman

Indian Cricket team is one of world’s strongest and famous team who holds a lot of world-records and such amazing players, who makes it difficult for others to beat them down. These players are an inspiration to many, in many aspects and they will continue to do so, just like any great philosophers or missionaries. Cricket is a religion, and these cricketers are its missionaries who make people as disciples to cricket. is an online platform where you can show your talent in Dance, Singing, Art & Craft, Sports, Acting, Photography, Fitness & many other activities. You can also find nearby Academies, Clubs and Institutions related to your talents. Find upcoming events, workshops, live-shows, auditions, tournaments & lot more of your city. Stay connected & promote your talents with only.


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