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New Year has begun with the end of a decade. People out there are hoping for better things to come their way and God bless they have it all. But are we missing out on something? Yes, that’s right. The choice of living a healthy life throughout. The world is developing fast and we try to cope up with the pace. Is that enough to live a happy life? Absolutely no! We have boundless goals in life and in the course of achieving these goals we tend to forget what matters. Living life in peace is more important than to rest in peace after death. Most people believe, to live a happy and prosperous life, money is key. Though we can’t deny the fact, we also cannot agree that money is the only key. Life holds many doors and one key is not enough to open it all.

To accomplish the tasks that we set in life, our body and mind have to stay in line. Keeping both under our control should be the top-most goal of every individual. Unfortunately, we fail to understand this, thus fall prey to miserable situations. But, not to worry, 2020 is a brand new start for all of us who want to accomplish this mission. Staying fit is not as easy as we speak and it is explicable but there are some ways and techniques to make it interesting. Here are some of the tips that 2020 holds for you to have a fit body, healthy mind and happy life.

1. Friends are Benefits!

friends are benifits

Does the term sound familiar? Haha! Not what you think. The most annoying part of any fitness activity or workouts is that when we do it alone it’s pretty boring. Working out as a group can be a great motivation. The reason behind this is that humans expect a push to begin anything in life and tend to compete to be better. Group workouts are capable of doing this. It’s been revealed in a study that 95% of people who started weight-loss programs and group workouts tend to complete it faster than the ones who do it alone. So if workouts bore you, grab a friend. After all, that’s what friends are for!

2. Do What You Love & Love What You Do!

do what you love love what you do

While most of us think fitness is all about maintaining smoking-hot physic, that’s just not it. Fitness has more to it than we think. A person who does not have a killer body will not have health conditions like the one who does have it. The cause behind this is a healthy mindset. When we concentrate on our fitness, we do not realize how essential it is to have a clear mind. Human beings are subjected to most of the diseases because of negative thoughts clouding our minds. Focusing on things we love will allow our minds to fight negative thoughts and embrace positive ones. Therefore, let this year be a good start for us to do things we love instead of doing it because we have to, for we might regret it later.

3. Home is Where the Heart is!

home is where the heart is

Home workouts are one of the interesting factors which are trending. Most of us do not want to step foot in a gym because we are too lazy to wake up and get ready. That’s where working out at home comes into the picture. There is a popular saying, “A man travels the world in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”. It’s never easy for us to find time for anything other than a planned schedule which becomes a routine. In this busy world, a chance to work out in your bedroom or guest room is as exciting as a favorite meal. Apart from working out with weights, people also set up a small, compact gym in their home to set the mood.

Some of the basic things required to set up a small gym at home are as follows:
• An exercise mat
• Dumbbells
• The stability ball
• Workout bench

If you want it to be more specific, you can go for other equipment like a treadmill, stationary-bike for cardio-vascular activities. If we think about this, it’s even more economical and manageable than the prices that these fitness centers charge us. The only drawback would be a trainer but thanks to the 21st century and AI, the internet can do it all through training videos. So, get set to design a home gym and make 2020 worth it.

4. Keto to the Rescue!

keto to the rescue

This is a familiar term that many of us would have come across in our day-to-day life. Keto is the name of a diet that has worked magic on various people. More than 20 studies have proved that this diet will help you lose weight in addition to many health benefits. The diet focuses on reducing carbohydrate intake by replacing fat substances in our body. This reduction of carbohydrates in our body brings it down to a metabolic state called Ketosis. This allows the body to be extremely efficient to burn fat for energy. This can also turn fat into Ketones in the Liver which is the source of supplying energy to the brain.

The Keto diet can not only reduce weight but can also fight against many health conditions like Diabetes, epilepsy, etc. Though there are high benefits in the Keto diet, it has adverse effects as well. But under proper guidance, the Keto diet can be a huge success as it is one of the trending diet plans in the lifestyle of many actors and actresses.
The diet includes meat, milk, fish, eggs, cheese, oil, nuts, and seeds.

The below link has a sample diet plan which will give us a clear idea on dos and don’ts:

5. Yoga HIIT

yoga hiit

Confused with the term? Well, don’t be. HIIT an abbreviation for High-Intensity Interval training and yoga HIIT has been in the trend for a good amount of time. Although many of us know the actual health benefits of Yoga, youth today do not prefer that as it takes extreme patience and calmness which our current generation has trouble dealing with. However, Yoga HIIT is an interesting approach to burning fat and calories. It is a set of high-intensity exercises performed at regular intervals to reduce fat. Studies have also shown that this method of exercise is capable of maintaining a healthy heart which avoids cardio diseases. It is also considered as one of the effective ways to build muscle strength healthily and appropriately.

Some of the postures performed in this Yoga is as follows:
• Standing knee driver/dancer’s pose
• Star jump/horse with oblique twist
• Donkey kicks/locust pose
• Low lunge switch jumps/sphinx to forearm plank
• Forearm plank jacks / low boat

6. Go Gadgets!

go gadgets

Anything and everything in today’s world involves technology. ‘Then why to compromise on fitness?’ thought some great minds of the world and introduced various wearable technologies in the market. Some of the notable technologies in this category are Wrist Activity Trackers which detects the number of steps walks, calories burned, sleep accumulated, etc. Posture Enhancers are one of the sexiest technologies to date. They leave a beep when the posture of the body is not appropriate as this is a primary reason for many problems like back pain, spine issue, shoulder pain, etc. Tech Clothing is the coolest form of wearable technology. The clothing companies are doing an amazing job in designing such clothing. The product comprises a sports bra for women and shirts for men which detects the accurate heart rate in real-time.

Some of the gadgets on this list are mentioned below:
• Jawbone
Nike Fuelband SE
Polar Loop

7. Intuitive Eating

intuitive eating

The concept is not as complicated as the title. Intuitive Eating is simply eating when required. We live in a world where junk has become an eatable which results in so many complications. One of the primary ways to stay fit is to maintain a proper food pattern. No amount of workout and no amount of exercise will be of use if chewing becomes more than required. At the end of the day, like this writing, it will all sum up to proper eating habits.

Intuitive Eating is nothing but eating only when hungry. Intuitive eating follows some principles such as respecting our body, honoring the hunger, making peace with food, understanding the satisfaction level, etc. Many studies suggest us to quit the mentality of excessive dieting because when our body does not respond to it the way it should we become furious and it could lead to excessive eating. Studies show that a person tends to eat more when he/she is angry or disappointed or sad. To conclude, it is important and ideal to respect the pattern of eating, in turn, respecting our body which will keep us away from dumping all junks into it and make 2020 a life-changing year.

8. Mind – A Dangerous Master

mind a dangerous master

“The mind is everything. What you think, you become”, said Buddha. When things got worse Buddha chose to meditate. We might not attain enlightenment as he did but we sure can attain the peace which he believed in. Controlling our body and keeping it fit is comparatively easier than controlling our thoughts. Our thoughts fluctuate in all possible directions and result in a lack of sleep, lack of concentration following by all possible health conditions.

Meditation is one of the best exercises for our minds. But somehow over time, we forgot how effective it is to meditate. Especially the youngsters, who focus so much on maintaining their physique, are not aware of the values one can learn through meditating. Meditation, for this generation, is very important to create awareness about the environment which is called mindfulness. It is a process of being able to be completely involved in whichever activity we perform which most of us are unable to do. It was subsided some time back and has begun to evolve again due to the awareness created. Therefore, let us have a habit of meditating to make the world a better place!

9. Old is Gold

old is gold

Some you might think about how this title is relevant here. Let me explain this precisely. The entire blog focussed on the young folks which will help them in many ways. But what happened to our old folks who are the pillars of our society? Keeping in mind their contribution to society, let us discuss some programs that should be conducted for the good health of our old men and women. It is not fair to expect them to follow the above-mentioned tips but we can conduct some fitness programs for them to participate. This kind of activity is trending now in many parts of the world. Some institutes conduct special fitness programs for elderly people such as pilates, yoga, bodyweight training, cycling, aerobics classes, etc. which will boost up their energy.
Hence, these are some of these fitness tips that we can follow in 2020 and build a society free from deficiencies and diseases. – Promoting Talent, is an online platform to search Academies, Activities (Events) and Artist for your Learning, Entertainment and Professional needs in the field of Dance, Singing, Instruments, Acting, Sports, Art, Cooking & many such talents. Log in today to find your fun.


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