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Kids are the treasures of tomorrow and their well-being is the backbone of our world. It is the responsibility of every individual to support the kids of today in a way that will help them to understand the world better and do the right thing. It is a known fact that all kids are complicated. There’s a saying, “Encourage your kids. You’ve no idea what they would become”. Well, it isn’t just a saying. What cannot be bent in 5 cannot be bent in 50. Anything which has a strong foundation has a long way to go. 

Hobbies help children many-fold. That is the platform for children to discover themselves and know their potential. Some of the childhood hobbies can become a worthy profession in later part of their life. In addition to all these, hobbies can teach important and required life lessons to grow up as a better person. For instance, if a kid is involved in gardening at a young age, he/she will get to know the importance of nature and its well-being. This kid could grow up initiate programs to avoid deforestation and other environmental hazards. It also comprises human emotions such as love, responsibility towards the environment, etc. It is as simple as that. When we love something, we work for its betterment. 

These resources available in this century are magnificent and the exposure that’s provided to kids cannot be confined to anything specific. Kids these days have countless opportunities to shine in their life. Some of the countries promote activities like active sports events for pre-school kids, small gatherings for kids to get along with people, etc. Activities like this will enhance their social abilities ten-fold than staying back at home. Here are some of the interesting hobbies for 2020 kids. Rock the floor kids!

1. Comics

comic reading hobby

Comics are one of the best ways for kids to step into the world of reading. It also helps kids with communication which is the right age to begin this. But earlier, the potentiality of comics was not really famous among parents. They believed that comics are not worth reading as they are mostly picture described. Time to wake up parents! Comics have more to it than we think. Carol L. Tilley, an expert in children’s literature and a professor of library and information science at the University of Illinois believes that comics should be included as a classroom activity as there are as good as any other form of reading. It can also help children in developing their ability to think creatively and efficiently which will develop their problem-solving skills at a very young age.
Some of the top comic collections are listed below:

  • Marvel comics
  • Archie comics
  • Disney comics
  • Justice league unlimited
  • Franklin Richards

2. Origami

origami hobby

Origami is associated with Japanese culture which means folding paper. It is very ancient craftwork that is used for the purpose of decoration. Origami arts has recently become very famous as many countries practice this craft. It improves the level of concentration, logical reasoning, etc. Parents tend to think that it is a risk to give anything to kids as there are chances they might end up swallowing it. This craftwork can work like magic on our kids. 

Earlier, kids were taught hobbies which were parents’ area of expertise. Now if you think you need to know this craftwork to teach this to your kids, it’s a big fat no! As mentioned earlier, technology is vast and sound and there’s literally nothing that it cannot do. There are numerous apps and videos which teach this craftwork to kids. All, we as parents, have to do is encourage them to do it, and play the video, of course. We can name a thing and ask our kids to try showing it through their craftwork. It’s a win-win situation as they get to know what we are naming and they know how to express it. 

Some of the examples are:

  • Flower 
  • Duck
  • Frog
  • Pigeon
  • Rabbit

What are we waiting for? Get your kid a piece of paper!

3. Hand Puppet Talk

hand puppet talk

Remember how sock puppets were our favorite cartoon show? Well, now our kids can put a show for us too. Hand puppets were mastering cartoons in the early nineties. But it never became a famous trend until recently when kids started taking part in doing it. This is one of the best group activities any kid can perform because the show requires an audience.

Teaching hand puppet as a hobby to kids has way more beneficiaries than we think. First and foremost would be imagination. This improves the creative skills which is very much expected out of all of us in this competitive world. We all know, doing a show is never that easy. So when kids try to put a show for us, they would expect it to be the best as they understand they need to impress their audience. The next notable improvement would be speech. When we think of speech, we think of our school days how elocution was the only way to excel in speech. Welcome to the 21st century, it’s not that anymore. Puppet shows can actually improve the confidence in kids to speak in front of a crowd.

One of the most unique skills that kids can develop from this is motor skills. Yes, you heard it right. Its motor skills! The most important factor for a successful puppet show is the hand and finger movement. By practicing puppet shows, kids are able to learn which finger to move the hands and legs of a puppet, especially when there is more than one puppet. This is an excellent way to create good co-ordination between hand and brain.

Who knew socks were capable of so many things!

4. FlashCards

flash cards

While the title sounds unfamiliar, flashcards have been in use since the 19th century. But it is one of the trending hobbies. Studies have shown that parents can start using flashcards with babies as young as 6 months old as their brain has the ability to understand it. One of the important factors of the flashcard is that they improve the capacity to memorize things easily. It can be used to memorize words, concepts, images, and whatnot. To mimic the words to kids is one of the earliest forms of teaching but adding pictures to it stimulates the visual effects in kids.

Digitalization is everywhere, including flashcards. There are various flashcards available online and there is a number of online tools for these flashcards as well. Parents can try this with their kids which can be an effective way of improving their memory.

Brainscape is the world’s largest flashcard app which will also allow you to create your own flashcard.

5. Dot to Dot

dot to dot

It is one of the interesting hobbies that kids can try at a very young age. This activity has multi-fold benefits. They help kids to learn numbers, alphabets, and colors too. The interesting part of this activity is that kids find the image behind the dots only after connecting it which can be quite fascinating for them. This will keep them occupied for a good amount of time. Adding colors to these pictures will allow them to identify different types of animals, flowers, birds, etc.

One of the unique benefits of this activity is that they improve and strengthen the hand and finger muscles which will help the kids improve their writing skills. Early childhood is the right time to start this as this the time their muscles can be molded. Children will learn to manage their pencil grip which progresses their way of writing. While connecting dots, children acquire complete concentration which will increase their power to concentrate in the future.

There is a number of books available for this activity. Though there are apps as well, it is advisable to go for books for betterment.

6. Story Telling

story telling

Storytelling is an ancient hobby but can it be interesting in 2020? The answer is a wide yes. Storytelling was a method that began from our great, great grandparents. If it was not for them, history would’ve been a big mystery for us! It was a huge responsibility that they carried forward for centuries. But somewhere along the course with the development of technology, history became history as our focus fell so much in the future. Is that something we could be proud of? Maybe yes, maybe no. Whatever it is, keeping our history in the dark for our kids is never okay. They deserve to know history just like we did but in a much better way in this digitalized world.

Storytelling will allow the kids to know about ancient civilization, diversity, cultural norms and ethics, etc. which can inspire kids in way more than we think they can. Their thoughts and ideas cannot be preserved to one specific culture or society or activity. This will, hands down, stimulate curiosity in children. We were curious about the history of our ancient folks, weren’t we?

There are numerous storytelling events going on in and around the world. It can be a good start for our kids to excel in quality like that. In the later part of life, it becomes more and more interesting as there are professions built out of it. This kind of hobby will help our kids to see the bigger picture than confining it to a small world.

There’s a reason why story-telling is called as an art!

7. Zoo Visits

kids zoo visits

The title might creep some of us out, but trust me it’s interesting. We always believe in learning. But learning need not always come from books. We can learn from anything and everything. Studies have shown that the effect of learning from words and pictures are comparatively lower than witnessing it visually. That is the reason why many countries believe in a practical method of learning. If that’s the case with grown-ups, how different can it be for children?

Zoo visits could be an exciting and fascinating hobby because everything in the world is fresh and new for the kids. This hobby could motivate a child to become a wildlife biologist or a photographer etc. This is one of the prominent factors in helping kids understand how important and significant it is to preserve wildlife and our environment
One other skill that a child can gain from this activity is enhanced vocabulary. Words like a nocturnal, sanctuary, etc. are complicated when taught just as words and letters. Many countries conduct zoo fests for children to make us understand how important it is to educate our children about the environment. For example, Fall Fest at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is one such fest conducted for children.

Nature needs a future, right?

8. Mazes


This is the best way to stimulate a child’s brain and improve its capacity. Unlike other activities, mazes require immense patience and concentration. It is not really easy for a kid to be patient when it has a weird way of working on adults. But however, the maze is an interesting hobby which provokes and allows children to be patient enough which is one of the major reasons why it is the best hobby.

Mazes, unlike other activities, was found centuries back which makes it pretty old-fashioned and yet continues to surprise us. Nowadays mazes are designed with themes to keep the children engaged. Some of them are bird themes, holiday themes, seasons, etc. printable mazes are a type of maze that allows children to build strong finger and hand muscles. Apart from this, there are other toy mazes as well which works as puzzles.

Mazes amaze us! Think about it!

9. Museum Visits

museum visits

Is anybody thinking of visiting is a new hobby? It’s understandable if you think so. But let’s take a moment to think how proud of parents we will be if our children are much more capable than us. And the museum visit will help them, how? There are numerous possessions from history that the museum holds. Exposing children to such an environment will help them to connect with the world outside and make them realize that the world has so much more than we think or explain

In fact, there are museums designed exclusively for children based on this concept. Zimmer’s Children’s Museum is one such museum that conducts multiple events for children to participate. Some parents freak out on bringing children to the museum because they are afraid that they will not be able to answer their questions. Do not panic as this is a learning platform for all of us. Let them ask questions and who knows the

10. Gymnastics

After all these jazz about concentration, memory power, brain activity it’s highly important that a child should involve in physical activity as well. But what can be an exciting physical activity? Oh! Its Gymnastics, isn’t it? Of course. Why is gymnastics fun? Because there is no kid that doesn’t like jumping, flipping, tumbling, etc. It’s so obvious that parents re-think twice before taking their kids to gymnastics which is quite understandable. But what we need to know is, our 5 years old need not necessarily be a champ in it by flipping, jumping, tumbling, etc.

Many classes teach very basic steps of gymnastics which can still help our kids. One of the very attractive factors of gymnastics is that it teaches discipline. Parents, attention, please! There are many fun activities in gymnastics that allow kids to play in a safer environment. So we can all stop having panic attacks, now.

Therefore, these are some of the significant hobbies that children can try in 2020 which can be a good kick-start for a brand new year. – Promoting Talent, is an online platform to search Academies, Activities (Events) and Artist for your Learning, Entertainment and Professional needs in the field of Dance, Singing, Instruments, Acting, Sports, Art, Cooking & many such talents.  Log in today to find your fun.

answers we find could impress us more than our kids.

Guess museum visits are not so bad, after all, huh?


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