India is the land of cultures, traditions and of course, TASTES & FLAVORS! India, is the only heterogeneous country that consists of numerous tastes and recipes all around. With 29 states, there are more than 29 tastes in the country. When you take a tour to India, you should definitely try the following food items, in different states



Bihar, not being one of the status famous for food, but has its own cuisine that will attract anyone, for, it is rich in taste and austere in its preparation. Bihar is known for its litti and chokha, which is a compilation of roasted wheat balls stuffed with special filling and mashed potatoes that carry various flavors. These can be tried with other dishes like ‘sattu parathas’, ‘jhal murhi, ‘khaja’ and ‘tilkut’. This can be everyone’s favorite and can be addictive if you are a foodie.



Punjab belongs the north of India and is known for its local cuisine and the ‘daabas’. ‘Lassi’ is known from Punjab only. Its cuisine is known to the entire country and is popular too. The best of its dishes are ‘makke ki roti’ and ‘sarson da saag’. This is a combination of a Punjabi flat-bread and a gravy made of mustard leaves and spices. The dishes which root to its local taste are ‘chhola-bhatura’, ‘rajma-chawal’, ‘amritsari machhli (a fish dish)’ and ‘lassi (sweet buttermilk)’, which are famous all around India



Maharashtrian dishes can range over dishes from being too mild to being very zesty. Their cuisine is served throughout the state by some amazing hotels and restaurants. The most popular of its dish is ‘vadav pav’, which is popular throughout the country that it is prepared in all the states. Even a non-Maharashtrian would eat vadav pav with much passion. This vadav pav is a potato fritter stuffed between bread buns, served with piquant chutney and green chilies. Other than vadav pav, their cuisine also includes some exciting dishes like ‘pav-bhaji’ , ‘shrikhand’ , ‘thalipeeth’, ‘puran poli’ and ‘modak’



Gujarat is known for its sweets which are so delicious and with exciting flavours that will go one mad about it. Their traditional food is adorned with distinctive flavours too, flavours that maintain an interesting balance between spices and sweets. ‘Dhokla’, is the most famous Gujaratian dish in India. Dhokla is a snack, it can also be taken for breakfast as it is both healthy and delicious. Some of the other famous dishes are ‘thepla (flat-bread made of fresh fenugreek leaves and flour)’, khandavi’, ‘dhansak’, and the Gujarat ‘kadhi’



Tamil Nadu is known for a variety of dishes, not just in India but world-wide as well. Their ‘dosa’ and ‘idli’ are world-famous. Tamil Nadu is the birth place of a South Indian cuisine that is famous world-wide. They do have so many varieties of ‘dosa’, like the ‘masala dosa’, ‘ghee dosa’, ‘chicken dosa’, and many more. These dosas are eaten along with sambhar and coconut chutney, with other types of chutneys too. Apart from these, one must try the meal of Tamil Nadu. It consists of white rice, sambhar, rasam, pullikolambu, and curd, along with different types of vegetables and fried items, served in the banana leaf. Pongal is also the famous dish here, as Pongal is the famous farmer’s festival of Tamil Nadu.


andra pradesh

Andra Pradesh is the state of ‘biryani’ and ‘spices’. ‘Hyderabad Biryani’, is world famous, and it the most savoured dish in India. Any Indian would have ‘Hyderabad Briyani’, in their wish list. Biryani is a dish made with layered rice which is cooked with any type of meat along with some vegetables. South India is totally crazy about Andra’s biryani. However, Telangana, which is the newly formed state that has Hyderabad has its capital is also known for its biryani. ‘Mirchi’, ‘Salan’, ‘Ghongura’, ‘pickle’ and ‘korikoora’ are the other famous dishes that one should try when they pay a visit to Andra. In fact, there are many tourists who go to Telangana and Andra Pradesh are for tasting their biryani.



For all those fish lovers and sweet addicts, West Bengal is the perfect destination to taste both in the most amazing flavours. This strange and new combination of fish and sweet can be witnessed in West Bengal. Bengali sweets and restaurants serve their traditional cuisine which has both fish and sweet. ‘Doi machh’, is their most famous dish which is nothing but a Bengali fish curry with rice. There’s also a special mustard prawn curry named ‘daab jhingri’, which is also famous in Bengal and which is a must-try dish too. Other famous dishes in Bengal are: ‘sandesh’, ‘rasgulla (the most famous sweet, even in south India) and ‘mishti doi’.


Jammu & Kashmir is known for its tropical area and other political issues. Yet, it has one of the world famous cuisines that every person would taste in their lifetime. Dishes like ‘rogan josh’, ‘dum aloo’, ‘yakhni’, ‘haak saag ’and ‘gustabaand tabak maaz are some of their famous items. These dishes are well-dressed and are served in almost all the local shops in the state. Jammu and Kashmir, being a hilly region are known for its ‘kalaadi cheese’, which is their traditional local hill cheese (from cow’s milk). Their cuisine has the best taste and texture that one would never forget.



Sikkim is a north-eastern state in India and therefore its cuisine does have the touch of greens and Nepal’s flavours. However, they still hold their own trade-mark in their dishes, mainly in the dishes like ‘phagshapa, which is nothing but the strips of dried pork fat cooked with turnips, radishes and chillies. Even the most famous ‘momos’, are the natives of Sikkim. ‘Momos’ are famous even in the southern parts of India. Other amazing dishes of Sikkim are ‘thukpa’, ‘gundruk’ and ‘sael roti’.



Rajasthan is known for its great monuments, culture and history. It is also known for its scrumptious indigenous cuisine which is inspired by great history tales. Their cuisine is known for its delicacies and their flavours are worth trying. ‘Daal – baati’, it’s a dish that consists of hard balls of wheat flour which are fried in “ghee”. This dish also consists of a special ‘daal’ which are made out of various types of pulses. This vibrant dish is served with ‘churma’, which is a sweet dish made by crushing the ‘baatis’ and by adding ghee and sugar to it. Rajasthan is known for a variety of dishes like the ‘pyaaz kachori’, ‘malai ghewar’, ‘gatte ki sabzi’ and ‘kalakand’. One must really try Rajasthan’s cuisine because they are worth it and memorable too.

Food is for survival, yet, we humans make sure that those are delicious and new, for, we have taste buds whose need should be met. India, just like its culture and traditions, it also has a variety of cuisines which are famous among Indians and even foreigners. This blog is just a gist of the wonderful dishes in India, for more details, login to and make your trip the best ones.
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