Music is the art-form that speaks a thousand unspoken words. It’s the expression that expresses a million expressions through the musician’s voices. This world of humans has always been about music and expression of thought. Here are the top 10 legendary musicians who stand the test of time, even now.



Beatles is a compilation of 4 lads who are from Liverpool, England. They did bring a huge revolution in the world of music through their rock band. They did release 13 studio albums in just a decade and here they are, as the top most famous musicians in the world. Initially, all of their songs were of Pop-rock glory which was nothing but happy songs with up-tempo guitar riffs. However, they did a lot of experiments in their songs, they even wrote their own songs by the 60s. They are the best examples of evolution, inspiration and growth. Their first album was ‘Please, Please Me’ and then it was ‘With the Beatles’ and many more. They are so magnificent in the music industry because, according to the study of RIAA, Beatles are the bestselling artists who have launched around 600 million albums with over 269 million certified units. Their field of music was Rock and they profoundly stood as the king in it and therefore, they’ll always be No.1 when it comes to musicians or music.



Ilayaraja is a South Indian, who is known worldwide for his music compositions and especially his knowledge in music. He’s known as ‘Isai Nyani’, which means he’s the genius in music. He did come from a poor background and had to go through a lot of struggles to reach the place he is now. Initially, he played guitar in a band and then worked as a session guitarist, then a keyboardist and an organist for directors and composers all around India. His first music composition in a movie was in 1975, for a Tamil movie, Anna kills, and ever since he’s known for his ability to write music and express it in an even more exhilarating way. He’s also a famous poet, who has written most of the lyrics for his songs. He’s also worked with great poets and lyrists like Kannadasan, Vaali and Vairamuthu. He has worked in around 200 films, in just the Kannada film industry. G.K.Venkatesh was the master for this genius. Even now, Ilaiyaraja is still the Isai Nyani.


Bob Marley

Bob Marley is a native of Jamaica, who got famous worldwide for his music and compositions. He started his music journey with Ska and then gradually shifted to reggae, along with the evolution of music. Marley usually taught music, played and sang them in small outings. He was a solo artist in the 1970s and 1980s. Later he worked with ‘The Wailers’ and the ‘I-Three’, produced by Coxsone Dodd, then Lee Perry and then Chris Blackwell. His most famous albums are ‘Exodus’, ‘One Love’ and ‘Survival’. He got the ‘The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2001, for his immense contributions to the music field and for being such an influence to both the audiences and anyone who knew him. He was to know the world as the best musician and there was not a soul who did hate/ dislike him. His praise still lives.


Michael jackson

Michael Jackson, who wouldn’t know him? He’s the god of dance and even to his music. He was such a determined and passionate person who worked through all of his struggles and did reach the unreachable heights with his iconic dance moves and his music. His success can never be matched by any other individual in the world. He did win around a 100 RIAA awards, 100 billboard awards, 4 presidential awards, 26 American Music Awards and 13 Grammy’s, where he won those 8 Grammy’s in just one night. On the whole, he’s a legend who’s an all-rounder, for he’s a singer, dancer and a songwriter. Nowadays, dancers, especially in the western styles, follow Jackson’s style, that’s how much influence he had and still has on this world.



He’s one of India’s esteemed and well-known sitar player. Sitar is also an ancient musical instrument, used especially for Carnatic / classical music. He was one of the main reasons to popularise Indian Classical music in the west. This was possible with his association with The Beatles. He also had his followers and students in The Beatles and Byrds. There were lot of people who followed his teachings, music and expression, worldwide. Ravi Shanker has won the Bharat Ratna, 3 Grammy awards and numerous awards and titles in his lifetime. The first name that comes to people when they hear the words, ‘sitar’ and ‘musician’, will be Ravi Shanker, who was a master even to the world-famous Beatles


mohammad rafi

There’s no Bollywood music without Mohammad Rafi, during his period. He was the famous and the most talented playback singer in India, during his period. He was a versatile singer who sang those fast peppy songs, sad songs, ghazals, romantic songs and even patriotic songs. His special quality was to mould his voice to the style of an actor and to lip-sync the song on the screen in the movie. His award collections are: 6 Flimfare Awards, 1 National Award, a Padma Shri in 1967 and many more such awards and titles in his era (1920s till 1980s). He was strong in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi languages and did sing songs in all these languages. He has also sung in a lot of languages like, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Odia, Marathi, and Bengali and in most of the Indian regional languages. He has also sang songs in foreign languages like English, Farsi, Arabic, Sinhalese, Creole and Dutch. Now, who could replicate his achievements in the music field? No one.



W.E.Houston was a singer, actress, producer and a model, who was known for her talent and beauty. She was born in the year 1963 and did die in the year 2012. She was mainly known for her career in music. She became the sensational singer of her period. She did release 10 albums in her period, amongst which, 3 were soundtracks for the movies. However, all of her 10 albums were nominated diamond, multi-platinum, platinum / gold certifications, which is a highly notable significance, which no others have cracked. She was also mentioned in the Guinness World Records in 2009 as the ‘most awarded female act’. She is still praised for her achievements and is still an inspiration to all those who know her and her story.



He’s one of the young singers and performers who got famous with his talent and skill in a very short span of time. He gave numerous hits in his period, but did leave us at a very young age and the world still misses him. He was not just a singer but was a songwriter and musician too. He was a craze doing his period, for he had the most magical voice and looks. Andy Gibb was also a social-worker, who did donate all of his belongings to his fans, unlike Michael Jackson or any other famous artists / musicians in his time. He’s still in the minds of his fans and others who gets to know him too, for he was not just an amazing musician but an amazing and generous human too.



Elvis was also a prodigy who was the KING of rock and roll but who died at a very young age. His songs were a hit in every house of America and in others world-wide too. He was called the KING of rock and roll, keeping in mind all of his achievements and his skill that he had put in his songs. He’s still an inspiration to a lot of people. He was the best solo musician whose copies were sold at a rate, unlike any others.



Rahman is the young Indian who won the hearts of a billion at a very young age. He is termed as the living legend and is the most famous musician in India. He is also known world-wide, and has also worked with foreign collaborations. He did receive the Padma Bhusan award and did win 2 Grammys. He was also awarded the best ‘music director’ in the Oscars. He has won numerous awards and titles and is still continuing to do so. He is known for his humble and subtle nature and also for his immense knowledge and unique techniques in music, which is liked by all groups of people.


These great musicians will forever cherish in our hearts, for their immense contribution to the music industry and to their fans. They have been an inspiration to a lot of people and has also been the masters for many. Their voices will never run out our mind, even when a lot of new names emerge. is an online platform where you can show your talent in Dance, Singing, Art & Craft, Sports, Acting, Photography, Fitness & many other activities. You can also find nearby Academies, Clubs and Institutions related to your talents. Find upcoming events, workshops, live-shows, auditions, tournaments & lot more of your city. Stay connected & promote your talents with only.


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