Top 10 Pro-Tips to click the best pictures with your DSLR


DSLRs are the new revolution to this digital world. These have brought up many amateur and professional photographers, who share unique and rare moments of life to others via photos. Photos are the frozen realism which makes the audience feel happy / sad / nostalgic / excited and many more.

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.



The main attribute of a photographer is to bring back the frozen moment back to life, even after so many years. To make the viewer feel the captured moment real and around them, one has to create a sense of depth. With the help of the wide-angle lens, a small aperture of f/16 or even smaller, one can achieve this depth. These wide-angle lenses are for capturing things in a panoramic view and the small aperture is to keep the foreground and the background sharp. One can also make slow shutter speed with the objects they capture and for this, they can use a tripod. This tip is very essential to be followed so as to capture the minds of the audience, with even a simple yet effective and realistic photography.



As mentioned before, these tripods are necessary to stay still while shooting things and that too in slow shutter speed. Even though you trust your bare hands to stay in the stealthy mood, you will some way or the other make a few movements. Therefore, it is mandatory to buy a quality tripod to shot moments without any shake/blur factors. With the help of these tripods, you can also set the timer in your DSLRs and be the person in the picture, rather than being the one behind the camera. Tripods are important for effective pictures and are a method to ease your style of shooting



Another important factor to consider while taking photos is to analyse the object carefully. It is essential that you understand their features and characteristics before picturing them. For instance, in the case of small objects, you should reach that height and capture their photos. In the case of tall objects, you need to match their height, reach their level to shoot them. It is very important to use your camera’s vari-angle LCD to capture the perfect shot. By following this tip, your images will have a realistic and head-to-toe coverage, which will make the backgrounds more controllable, falling light or shadows will be easily detectable and even the slightest smile as a beautiful wider grin.



To focus the object before capturing is one of the basic amenities of photography. This can quite be easy in Nikon cameras, which will allow you to focus the object and to lock that focus. This can be done by first focusing on the subject and then by pressing the shutter to release half-way down and then you can hold it there, so as to capture pictures with high resolutions and without any interruption. By holding the focus, you can also create more interesting compositions in it, you can reframe it too. This may sound interesting to read, but it will be even more alluring if you follow it practically and the end result will be amazing too



Light is one of the important factors of a great photo. There are different light tones that the photographer can choose from. However, not all of these colour tones give a realistic image, therefore, these DSLRs are capable of adjusting the colour balances. You can go to the ‘white balance settings’ in your DSLR, and make the adjustments you need. By adjusting the white balance for any photo, you can achieve great differenced which will induce the photos to great effectiveness. The default white balance settings in these DSLRs are Auto, Shade, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Flash and Tungsten, which can be used by you in different times of the day to know its real function to the photos. Try and find the best way to make your photos better.



The Rule of Thirds is one of the most amazing secrets that a photographer should know to use them to make eye-catching pictures. Under this rule, an image is divided into 9 even squares, to bring in more aesthetic effect to the photo. This will make the audiences eye wander over the photo, as it will be more pleasing to them and alluring too. By using this method, even when you pace the subject off-centre on the intersecting lines, it will create an amazing feature to look at.


ISO of a camera determines its ability to shoot various shots in various lighting effects and also determines how right the grain of the image will be. Therefore, to choose the right ISO is an important factor in photography. To avoid blurs while shooting in the dark, you can increase your ISO to 400-3200 to make the camera more sensitive to light. The opposite theory is to be applied while shooting on a sunny day, that is, the ISO should be 100 or the default setting can be used. Somehow, the natural light and ISO go inversely proportional to each other and should be wisely chosen before shootings



Photoshop is the photographer’s personal friend, who would always be there, to make the photos even more effective and realistic. Even special effects can be added to the photos, so as to make the photos unique and special. These photo shops are usually used to make corrections to the pictures and helps in the post-processing stage of the photos. Any photographer will have to use these Photoshop’s to ensure that their photos do not have any faults or errors and that it is perfect. Adobe Photoshop is the most famous Photoshop software available till now.


The perspective of the photographer is very much important so as to capture the right moments in the most amazing manner. A photographer should analyse the surroundings and choose the right moment and the angle to capture it in his DSLR. One needs to think out of the box and should go to the level of the object to capture it very well. One should not shake nor should they be unpassionate about what they capture. Perspectives are an important point to follow before a photographer goes to a photoshoot.


A perfect photo should be real and candid. It cannot be taught and cannot be fake, therefore, it is significant for the photographer to keep clicking all those angles and moments which seems interesting to them. Even when the memory card gets full, it is still worth the go, for, some unexpected photos/ candid’s can be derived. By taking a lot of pictures, one can also learn from them, because it’s more like a trial-and-error basis. This will also be a practice for the photographer to use the technicalities of the DSLR.

On the whole, it is important that the photographer gets to know all these tips and does implement all of these in his practical field-work, to enhance his photography and his/her photos too. A photo is the only art form which will freeze the moment in the right texture and can share the same feel to its audiences too. Therefore, make sure you take the best of photos with the help of these tips.



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