“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out!”

A film career is not an easy task, especially because you are known to a large audience and you’ve got to keep your demeanour up all the time. Even in terms of skill and choices, one needs to be very consistent and focused. Maintain a great film career in the early stages, can be a tedious task, for you may know very little of what’s happening around you. That is why it is important to make contacts and some friends in the industry to help and guide you out at each step of your career.

Here are the top 10 things that you should know before pursuing a film career:


Before making some serious life decisions, it is always mandatory to understand who you are. This is very important in case of choosing a career, for, only when you know about yourself, you can judge each choice and choose the most apt one for your talents and passion. You can judge yourself and understand your interests, character and other things which will help you decide your future career. You can also ask your friends, family and even your teachers to evaluate your character and skills, so as to know what others feel about you. Depending upon the most positive aspects, you can choose a career. For instance, if you are naturally good in acting then you can become an actor with some basic talent, which will develop in future, or as you keep doing it. Therefore know yourself, before you make choices for your life.


Acting is not a skill which is derived in a single day nor a talent which is unperishable. To stay consistent in your skills, you need to practice them every day. At least in the starting of your career, you need to make sure that you work for your career everyday, despite anything. Acting is a business and you can never shut your focus form it, for, it is a competitive industry and depends your attention all the time. Whatever work it is, finish it as soon as possible and stay sincere and passionate about what you do. You need to stay fit, follow your diet and also manage your appointments, your shooting schedules, shows, and the like. Apart from acting, another other job in the film industry also requires hard work and consistency in work. Throughout the process you need to learn everything about the acting industry. If not the whole day, at least a few hours should be dedicated to manage your acting career. Never neglect anything that would affect your future.


Anything new will always be hard in the beginning or until you learn it. Acting, is in fact always demanding and quite difficult to take it for granted, for, there are so many aspects that one need to focus to stay famous and high in their career. However, the initial years into the acting/ film career will be difficult, as one needs to settle in it, make connections, prove themselves and reach many such expectations. Cross the initial years successfully and productively, you’ll go places.


The first and foremost thing you need to understand is the fact that the director / the producer will accept you only if they are attracted by your talent. Otherwise, they’ll just do their job and reject you. Just because of your rejection, you cannot hate them, for, they are just doing their duty. Even when you face downfalls, you need to understand that everyone have their own opinions and that you cannot satisfy everyone. For instance, if you do an audition for acting, the director will only trust the word of the casting director, who will actually believe in the agents to find new actors. Now those agents will have to be satisfied with your profile, so as to reach for those auditions itself. That’s how competitive the industry is and therefore, you should understand the reason for your failure and success and should keep working in improving and sustaining it, respectively. A career in the film industry can be very tough, for, you need to handle many insults in the beginning, even in the later years too, but you need to keep travelling to reach your passion/ destination.


Apart from being a great actor, it is even more important to be a good person with a great character that everyone can look up to. Only a good character will appreciate your skills and will accept your success and will give you more. Else, even when you are so talented, you’d still be a failure. There are so many examples in the real world, where people lost their career because of their bad behaviour and character. It is more significant to be a good human being so that your co-workers do not hate working with you, which is the main reason to make you jobless too. Therefore, be the good girl/guy and reach heights.


If you want to reach heights in your film career, you need to know from whom and where you can get inspiration and help from. If you choose those from a beginner’s level, then you’ll forever be there. If you get the opportunity to work with some successful people from the industry, then get some advice and inspiration from them, you’ll surely keep going up. You need to make sure that the advices you take to your mind are only positive and that has to make you work for more and not stop and chill with whatever you have right now. Don’t let a spoiler’s game spoil your life and career.


You should never be over-confident about your skills, for they are your biggest enemies, which will pull you down from your success ladder. Only when you over prepare for your work, you will feel confident while working with others and will perform better. Be it an actor, or a cinematographer or a singer, anyone for that matter, even an art director, everyone needs to be prepared with their work and should meet their expected target, otherwise, there’s no point in being talented at all. You should not let loose of your practice sessions once you reach some heights in the industry, instead you should always be focused and conscious about your exhibition of talent and whether or not it meets the required output. This will also help you to improvise and develop the actions to an even better one.


Apart from being a talented person and a good human being, it is also important to know when to voice out your opinions and when not to, especially to the producers and the directors. It is important to avoid pouring out your tension and anger to your co-workers. You can rather take that home and show it to your pet or to your friends who’ll understand you. It is important to maintain your calmness and focus while at work, which is part of the working- etiquette. At very rare cases, you can raise your voice to make your co-workers understand how things has to be done, but it is always better to avoid vulgar and bad words, which will degrade your character, if used. Sometimes, take some time to relax and breathe out, so that you get your focus back on track, without any frustration or tension.


Success isn’t always about money. When you do something that interests you, when you do something that makes you proud and happy, when you do something that brings home great success and popularity for you, then what more do you need? A considerable salary for your work is enough to have a happy life. You should never run behind money and get into this film industry, if you do so, you’ll always fail. Focus on your passion, talent and work towards it, you’ll surely succeed. You should not stop working hard once you reach some great income, for, you’ll regret it later. Therefore, keep working till you feel like giving away, but make sure that’s not too early in your career. Hold on to your career, your character and salary too, but never too much on any of these, especially the last one, for that can destroy the other 2 very easily.


Success in the film industry is not a one-day business. Even when there are great actors and directors who become a world-wide sensation in a day, the time and energy behind that work would be endless. Therefore, you should never rush things, and never get frustrated when success does not knock your doors soon. Enjoy the journey, learn things and as you keep improving and doing what you feel is right, you’ll definitely succeed one day but that one day will take some years so as to keep the roots strong. When you want to reach name and fame in a very short-period of time, then it’ll be very rootless, just like a creeper, which will be dead very soon. Therefore, work on widening your roots in the industry, make them stronger, make your position in it stronger that no wind can surface it and you’ll eventually start growing up.

These are the main points you need to know before having a career in the film industry and even after getting into one. Make sure you follow them, so as to avoid any complications and to work on the path of success in a well-defined way. is an online platform where you can show your talent in Dance, Singing, Art & Craft, Sports, Acting, Photography, Fitness & many other activities. You can also find nearby Academies, Clubs and Institutions related to your talents. Find upcoming events, workshops, live-shows, auditions, tournaments & lot more of your city. Stay connected & promote your talents with only.



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