hip hop dance classes in chennai

Hip-Hop is a western dance style that involves more body movements and does work along with beat-boxing, rapping, graffiti art, DJing and even breakdance. This form is an entirely different form that of India’s classical dance forms. Chennai, being the capital of Tamil Nadu, the birthplace of a classical dance form, Bharatanatyam, is not only that but is also a hub for all the other dance forms. There are some great Hip-Hop dancers from Chennai as well. 

Here are the top 15 Hip-Hop dance academies in Chennai that you can refer to, to become a great Hip-Hop dancer one day.


raack dance academy in chennai

This academy is headed by S. Ramesh who makes sure that the academy functions for all, despite any differences in their age group. It is not just Hip-Hop which is taught here, even Jazz can also be learned. For the past 16 years, Raack Academy of Dance has been tutoring and training many kids and students who are passionate about becoming a great Hip-Hop dancer one day. Various stage performances, competitions, and events are encouraged to make the students more competitive and professional. Their annual fest is called “First Step”, which is a great platform for all the students to showcase their talents.

51, R K Mutt Rd (Basement),
Opp. To P.S. Higher Secondary School,
Mylapore, Chennai – 600004
Contact: 0984142935



leg lockerzz dance academy in chennai

One of the best dance schools in Chennai is Leg Lockerzz Dance Academy. The various classes offered here include classes for Hip-Hop, Western, Salsa, Dance Aerobics, FreeStyle and Bollywood dance. Their courses are not just dance classes but a great way to stay fit and healthy too. According to one’s preferences, they can choose the apt package and start learning the art form from the right trainers and teachers. This academy allows its students to participate in various platforms and encourages them to be passionate about dance even more.

No. 52/12/13, TVS Avenue Main Rd,
Anna Nagar West, Chennai – 600101.
Contact: 044- 33188304


john britto's dance academy in chennai

Since 1993, under the guidance and implementation of John Britto, John Britto’s Dance Co. has been functioning effectively and has produced some great dancers over time. Though the class had only 17 students initially, the number has grown many folds during the past years and is now one of the best dance schools for Hip-Hop and Salsa in Chennai. With the right and well-trained and well-equipped staff members, the academy is the right place to visit to train correctly. Even various performances and competitions like the JB’s Chennai Dance Championship are all encouraged by this institute to its students and other passionate dancers too.

F-2, 132A, Sterling Towers,
Sterling Rd, Nungambakkam,
Chennai – 600032,
Contact: 044- 28251166


Trinity Academy is a great academy to start your dancing coaching and career too as they not only teach the course but aim in developing the students/children’s social, physical, spiritual and intellectual aspects through dance. They teach both Hip-Hop and Western dance through effective teaching methods and staff. This is a children-friendly institute and is a great institute that offers more chances for their students to perform in front of a large audience. They conduct many competitions, programs to engage their student’s practice and to encourage them to dance professionally.

No. 29 E, Medavakkam Main Rd,
Opp to Keelkattalai Bus Terminus,
Keelkattalai, Chennai – 600117
Contact: 09940224412


hips n toes dance academy in chennai

One of the best ways to learn Hip-Hop is from Mr. Raam’s professional team who can be met in their academy called Hips ‘n’ Toez Dance Company, which is one of the leading dance academies in Chennai. This academy is mainly for teens and children who can learn the dance form for a year. Throughout the year, they’ll be trained in 3 different levels, starting from the basic level to the advanced versions. Even special workshops by some great international trainers will also be held in the institute to engage their student’s passion for dance even more and to impart them more knowledge and techniques about Hip-Hop. There’ll be great exposure and great training in this institute.

No.477 a, 5th Cross Street,
Ram Nagar, Madipakkam,
Chennai – 600091
Contact: 044-42737376 / 8695777000


This dance studio teaches Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Folk, and Salsa, Bollywood, Zumba and many more to a lot of students of various age categories. This has been functioning since 2008 and lays its focus on making their students more flexible, a master of rhythm and stronger too. One can attend their classes in the right batch which is based on their age. Students from the age group of below 10 years are one group. The second group is for 10 – 25 years and the last group is for those above 25 years of age. With more functions, performances, exposure, experience and passion and encouragement, this academy motivates great dancers to rule the world.

Old: 24A, Gopalakrishna St,
T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017.


swingers dance academy in chennai

The Swingers, is an initiation of Mr. Prasanna, who from the age of 7 has been into dance and has turned that into his profession too. He has also performed in New York which turned out to be a great sensation. His performance is called “The Dream of the Picture Bride.” He initially produced his production which was performed at the Dance New Amsterdam in New York. Only after this success, he opened classes in Bangalore and then in Chennai and is now one of the best dance academies in Chennai for Hip-Hop and other western dance forms like Salsa, Zumba, and others. With worldwide connection, the students get more exposure and contacts to develop their careers in dance as well.

No.605, 6th Floor, Chella Mall Complex,
Sir Thvagaraya Rd, Thiyagaraya Nagar,
Chennai – 600017.
Contact: 044-24360666 / 9500199088


High on Dance, as the name suggests, is a complete package for all the dance lovers, especially the western dance lovers as it handles Hip-Hop classes, Zumba classes for children and women and even Western dance classes for children. Apart from these, various other styles are also taught to different batches. Students can make the best out of this academy if they use their opportunities correctly.

No 52, Eldams Rd 1st Floor,
Teynampet, Chennai – 600018.
Contact: (91)-44-33891667


artrobe dance classes in chennai

Artrobe is one of the early dance institutes in Anna Nagar, Chennai, which conducts classes for Zumba, western and classical dance forms. Almost all of the dance forms are taught here with the right professionals and trainers to the right students with the right atmosphere. They make their students involved in many dance competitions, performances and many more too. They also offer Choreographers for various wedding dance performances, dance competitions, school functions and many more, thereby creating a ready career option for their students.

192, Y Block, 1st Street, 2nd Floor,
Anna Nagar, Chennai – 600040.
Contact: 09884038868


The founder of MSM Dance Studio is Mr. Prasad, who is a great dancer himself, and has trained under some great dancers all around the world and this institute is a great means to pass on his talents and techniques to a lot of other dance enthusiasts. Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Freestyle, Ballet, Bollywood, B-Boy and many more are taught here. This academy has international acclamation and exposure too. Even many workshops in affiliation with a UK University are conducted too.

Abiramapuram, Chennai.
Contact: 044-43033755.

11. EDGE – School of Dance, Chennai.

12. United By Dance Community, Chennai. 

13. Queen Cobra Pvt Ltd., Chennai.

14. Dazzling Dance Academy, Chennai.

15. Step ‘n’ Tap Dance Studio, Chennai.

These are some of the best Hip-Hop dance academies in Chennai, the hub of various cultures and talents. Hip-Hop in Chennai is almost everywhere and there’s not a single person who is unaware of what Hip-Hop is, even they do not know how to dance Hip-Hop professionally. Chennai is a great place to look up for training institutes and other cultural programs and platforms to showcase one’s talents. – Promoting Talent, is an online platform to search Academics, Activities (Events) and Artist for your Learning, Entertainment and Professional needs in the field of Dance, Singing, Instruments, Acting, Sports, Art, Cooking & many such talents. Log in today to find your fun.


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