lady andal school swimming classes in chennai

Chennai is not just an amazing place for various art forms to flourish but is also a great place to develop and equip oneself with various talents and abilities. It has some of the best beaches as well. However, all this makes it prone to have various swimming coaching classes as well. Numerous swimming classes teach various people or kids, swimming, in the most effective and efficient and safe manner, at the most affordable prices. If not passion, swimming can be a great hobby.

Here are the Top 15 Swimming Classes in Chennai


lady andal school swimming classes in chennai

This school is especially for kids who are passionate about swimming and who wish to become a professional swimmer. The main merit of this class is its availability of various batches (3 batches are conducted currently) and this makes the kids more prone to effective and efficient training. In total, there are about 5 coaches and under each coach, there’ll be around 10 students, maximum. Only kids from 7 to 15 years of age are eligible to take part in these classes.

Shenstone Park, No.7,
Harrington Road, Chetpet,


This is one of the renowned and is one of the most famous swimming schools in Chennai which encourages and trains people and kids the basics and techniques of swimming. Anyone who is 6 or more than 6 years of age can take part in these classes. This school conducts four 15-day programs that have to be attended by the students. They also conduct their classes in batches to make their teaching more effective. In total, they have 4 male coaches along with one female coach and under each coach, there’ll only be 20 kids.

Turtles Swim School,
TNCA Club, No.5, Victoria Hostel Road,
MAC Cricket Stadium,
Chepauk, Chennai.


waves swimming academy in chennai

As the name suggests, this academy is all about learning to swim. This academy also has its own 6 lane swimming pool which makes the students prone to the international style of swimming in their training levels itself. In terms of enrolment, there are no specific dates, anyone who is more than 5 years of age or is 5 years old can enroll at any date. There are no fixed batches, one can find themselves in these classes whenever they are comfortable. Under the five coaches they have, 15 students are placed under each coach and are trained professionally and efficiently.

No.92, Perumal Nagar Main Rd,
Thuraipakkam Rd, Jamin Pallavaram,


This is a summer program offered to students from the age of 2 – 13 years of age, who wish to learn swimming. The classes are from 18th April till 6th May of every year. Billabong is the school that organizes this summer camp and does take care of its proper functioning as well. There are 4 coaches and the batch member under each coach are as per the convenience of both the coach and the students plus their parents. This is a great place to make the kids learn swimming from some of the best coaches and with some of the best facilities.

Valls Billabong High Kangaroo Kids,
Neelankarai, East Coast Rd,


ambasseddor pallava swimming classes in chennai

Ambassedor Pallava, is a famous hotel in Egmore, Chennai, which offers a swimming program for a month. This is a modern style of coaching as the students who are all either 5 years of age or more are trained by the coaches for the first 15 days. Once this gets an offer, then they can come by the hotel and can practice for another 15 days. There are various batch timings along with various batch dates which makes it significant for people to register soon and as the program is only for a month, it is important to see if the students can make use of all the 30/31 days.

No.30, Montieth Rd,
Egmore, Chennai.


This is also a great hotel in Chennai which offers a 15-day swimming coaching program for all those who are passionate about swimming. The seats to this class are very limited and therefore the ones who are willing to get in touch with this class have to register soon. Students who are age 5 – 12 are only allowed to be a part of this coaching class. Overall, there is only a single coach who will coach students along with 5-6 attendants, in various schedules or batch timings.

No. 120, Sir Thyagaraya Rd,
T.Nagar, Chennai.


savera hotel swimming classes in chennai

Savera Hotel is known for its ambiance and also for the swimming class it offers on its premises. This hotel was established 8 years before and is well-known all around Chennai and even to other places. The coach for the swimming class offered here is Mr.Jayaram, who is more student-friendly and is more concerned about the development of his students, in the right manner. The course offered here is a 15-day crash course for those people who are 8/ more than 8 years of age. 20 students are placed under each coach, who are 3-4 in number. Overall, they have a great and safer pool for coaching and practicing and some of the best coaches as well.

146, Dr. Radhakishnan Rd,
Radhakrishnana Salai, Chennai


The swimming class offered here is also a crash course which comes for 15 days for people above 5 years and for those who are exactly 5 years of age. They have both morning and evening batches, and has no specific time to enroll, nor have certain prescribed batch timings, therefore, this is a great place to learn swimming. With 4-5 coaches, the students are well trained in just 15 days and are encouraged to continue swimming till the end.

#12, Durgabai Deshmukh Rd,
Anna Sathya Nagar, Greenways Rd,
Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai


velachery aquatic center swimming classes in chennai

This is a government lead institution and is extremely popular among swimming enthusiasts, as this place is exclusively for swimmers and learners. There are totally 6 batches consisting of 15 students under each coach for each batch. The students should either be 7 years of age or more to be a part of this coaching class session. In total, there are 6 batches which makes it easier for many to apply to this coaching class. In short, this class is a great way to learn swimming from some of the best and fun-filled coaches who are not very rigid nor very careless.

Aquatic Complex,
32, Velachery Rd, Velachery,


Since 1993, this swimming institute has been training more than 1000 aspiring students who are all passionate about swimming and about becoming an expert in it. It has its branches in other places in Chennai as well. They organize various summer camps, make their students get into various swimming competitions and also have certain classes as per the convenience of their students. On the whole, this institution has its roots rooted in coaching kids and others about swimming and is still doing so. Therefore, be a part of their coaching class, because this is one of the best.

No : 3, 68/1 Mount Poonmalle High Rd,
Near Shell Petrol Bunk, Porur,

11. Catherine.A (Swimming Instructor), Royapettah, Chennai.

12. Sathishkumar, Directorate of Tech. Education, Chennai.

13. Anand, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

14. Ergon Activity Centre, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.

15. Manoranjan, Palavakkam MGR Nagar, Chennai.

Swimming will always help one, in at least some phase of their lives. Swimming is in fact, one of the greatest means for relaxation and can make one stay fit as swimming is also a sport. One can either become an Olympic swimmer or a great relaxer, either way, one needs to know swimming and for that, it is important to learn that art from the talented people, under proper guidance and with the right infrastructure. Chennai is never out of anything and this is no exception in case of swimming classes too. – Promoting Talent, is an online platform to search Academics, Activities (Events) and Artist for your Learning, Entertainment and Professional needs in the field of Dance, Singing, Instruments, Acting, Sports, Art, Cooking & many such talents. Log in today to find your fun.


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