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Cooking is one of the greatest talents one can have as there’s no life without food and no day without 3 meals. Preparing your favorite dish gives one a level of satisfaction that no other job would give. When the human stomach is full, happiness will be the default expression. Therefore, getting to learn how to cook is a boon and is a must-to-do activity for everyone and not just women.
Here are the Top 20 Cooking classes in Chennai


pranamya kitchen melody cooking classes in chennai

This academy is a hub for learning various dishes and is one of the topmost institutes that offers one of the best cooking lessons in Chennai. Starting from understanding the basics of cooking some of the simple, day-to-day dishes to some complicated ones, this institute will be a complete guide. One can learn cake decorations, chocolate-making, eggless baking and many more. One can also understand the concepts of making international soups, sauces, sandwiches, wraps, and even the local street-style chaat items. On the whole, these classes are only for weeks, which makes it more comfortable and easy to reach out.

2nd Cross Street, Dhandeeswaram,
Velachery, Chennai – 600042.
Contact: 8898234020


reema swad cooking classes in chennai

Reema’s Swad Cooking is almost known to all, for, that’s how famous they are. One can learn various types of cuisine most effectively and professionally. This will ensure one to have a career in it, or to be an expert in it, either way, one can have the ability to cook delicious dishes as per their wish at any time and enjoy. Even the presentation is taught, to make the dish look amazing when served to others. Sweet making is also taught effectively. 

38, Jermiah Rd,
Vepery, Purasaiwakkam,
Chennai – 600007
Contact: 8939566195


chettinad cuisine masterclasses in chennai

If any has the ambition or passion to become a professional chef whose tastes attract many, then this place is the right place to learn the basics and to develop their skills further too. One gets to learn from the Bangala’s Kitchen experts or professional chefs, which makes them a great chef too if they start learning and implementing the techniques in their cooking. Many culinary secrets can be learned and one gets the opportunity to learn first-hand information as well.


aysha cookery classes in chennai

If one wants to be an expert in various cuisines or multi-cuisine dishes, then Aysha Cookery Classes are a great place to learn them all. Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine are all taught here, with the right professionals. One is also taught the right techniques to make their cooking easy and interesting too. Mocktails, main courses, starters, desserts and many more can be learned here for more benefits.

65, EVK Sampath Rd,
Vepery, Periyamet,
Chennai – 600007
Contact: 9940426472


As the name suggests, this is a great friend for all the travelers and especially for those travelers who wish to have some great food on their way. Even those who live alone, away from home, can get to this cooking course and learn how to manage cooking when staying alone or traveling. This will teach the students about how to make food which seems totally like the ones made at home. Even the traditions followed in various cuisines are taught.


For consecutive 7 years, this coaching class has trained a lot of amazing chefs, who have spent their valuable time in these classes and have learned some amazing cuisines and dishes to become self-sufficient. They promise to teach their students the techniques involved in preparing the Continental food in just 10 days. Even some 30 delicious dishes will be taught. The cooking course for learning Indian, multi-cuisine and North-Indian dishes extends to 25 days. This class is a great way to learn more and cook more.

18,21, 3rd Street, Viswanatha Puram,
Kodambakkam, Chennai – 600024
Contact: 8939648457


This institute offers some amazing eggless baking sessions and the cooking classes for making various sweets, desserts, cakes and many more. One can make delicious cakes for birthdays, or for surprising their loved ones or for at least their pleasure. Whatever the case is, learning to cook or bake is a boon.

6, 13th Cross St,
Okkiayam, Thouraipakkam,
Mahalakshmi Nagar, Adambakkam,
Chennai – 600088
Contact: 9841262909


Through an interactive session, this Foodology will make you take part in an adventurous culinary task. As the name suggests, it is a hub where one can learn to bake, cook, chop and even mingle or bond with various relationships, or even socialize for fun and pleasure. By learning how to cook and bake and many more related to food, one can become a great chef or their favorite chef to fulfill their desires.

3A, 2nd Main Rd,
Kasturba Nagar, Adyar,
Chennai – 600020
Contact: 8056007361


choco guru chocolate making classes in chennai

According to its name, this coaching class is all about making the students understand and learn the process of making chocolates and even baking, desserts making and cake decoration. Anything to do with sweets or especially, chocolates, this is the place to learn to implement those in the cooking process.

No.77, Dhandapani St,
 Parthasarathi Puram, T Nagar,

 Chennai – 600017

Contact: 9840105387


This is also a great place to learn to cook, bake and do many more related to cooking. They, however, lay more focus on improving or learning new techniques and in developing one’s technical skills. They also prove hands-on practical experience which makes their students more effective and efficient and professional in cooking.

6/9 Cresent St,
ABM Avenue, Off, Boat Club Rd,
Chennai – 600028
Contact: 9962048088

11. Cake Mall, Chennai.

12. Vandra – The Home Chef Make, Chennai.

13. Mary’s Kitchen, Chennai.

14. Chellam Cookery Class, Chennai.

15. Kitchen E Lazeez, Chennai.

16. Bakers Point, Chennai.

17. Collective Spot Cooking Classes, Chennai.

18. Artisans Baking Institute, Chennai.

19. Berry N Blossoms, Chennai.

20. Food Consulate, Chennai.

These are some of the topmost cooking classes offered in Chennai. Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, which is a hub of various kinds of people, it consists of more cooking institutes as the tastes and preferences of the Chennai population varies. As one gets addicted to a taste, it is high-tome they start learning to make them, in order to avoid depending on others all the time. – Promoting Talent, is an online platform to search Academics, Activities (Events) and Artist for your Learning, Entertainment and Professional needs in the field of Dance, Singing, Instruments, Acting, Sports, Art, Cooking & many such talents. Log in today to find your fun.


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