2020 is here. So what’s next? Many of us don’t have a clue, right? You know how they say life is too short to not live it. How many of us really feel old with the arrival of 2020? Shouldn’t we actually try some interesting things in life at least by now? Okay, we can hear from you. You have a family, kids, responsibilities, blah, and blah! But are we forgetting something here? That’s right, you have a life too. What will make it worth living if we don’t actually have a connection with the world? There are wonderful things happening across the world and our doors are always closed for it. Don’t you think it’s about time that we opened those doors? 2020 had to be special, remember! Let’s discuss some of the interesting things that we can try in 2020. Warning: You might actually want to try it!

1. Reality Shows

reality shows in india

Reality can be bitter, but reality shows are not. How many of us enjoy reality shows despite the criticisms and politics behind it? Almost all. Reality shows started hitting the crowd in the early nineties and have been topping media since then. Most of the cast members are commoners and not celebrities. Channels host a show where they record and telecast the routine of these individuals and most of them are not scripted. However, there were many critics made based on this as people believe these shows to be scripted. Who cares how it’s made as long as it’s fun and interesting? Many of us are addicted to at least one reality show. It’s even a goal for some of us to attend our favorite reality shows.

We can’t guarantee if your favorite reality show is listed here but here are some of the reality shows that are going to rock the stage in 2020:

  • Survivor 40
  • The Biggest Loser
  • Top Chef
  • Winter Love Island
  • Mrs. Fletcher
  • A Suitable Boy
  • India’s Best Dancer

2. Yoga Day: 21st June 2020

international yoga day

Every year we celebrate International Yoga Day and it’s been that way since 2015. Yoga was originated in India centuries back and by practicing this we acquire so many good things such as mental, physical and spiritual awakening which can keep our body, mind, and soul in the track. Yoga Day is celebrated to honour this practice all over the world. Though India is its birth country, people across the world celebrate this day. It is celebrated every year on the 21st of June. Many criticises this day as it’s considered as an attempt to promote Hinduism. Leaving the controversies apart, if we look past the religious interpretation, yoga has medicinal health effects as well.

Many people all over the world practice yoga and are finding various means to promote yoga as a fitness practice. Backcountry Yoga is one such practice was yoga is done in outdoors. This initiative was taken by Laura Lowey and many years she takes thousands of people to mountain, hiking and practice yoga. This allows these people to live in harmony with nature. This though can be a root to appreciate mother Earth and her resources and safeguard her for whatever she has provided. This connection will become strong through practice and we will learn to embrace nature.

Every year there is a theme decided for this day. Since the last decade took nature for a toss, this year the theme is decided to climate action. The idea was proposed by the United Nations as they believed this practice would connect our bodies to nature which will motivate us to take action against the destruction of nature.

3. Stay in an Underwater Bungalow

stay in underwater bunglaw

Serious talks are over. Let’s talk fun for a while! Underwater Bungalow. Interesting, huh? Of course. This is one of the amazing creations of man. Developments like this make us wonder if the man is actually capable of building a house in the moon. Underwater Bungalow became a trend very recently and is a very fascinating goal that all would like to score out from their bucket list.

Forget Underwater Bungalows, we can even rent a residence underwater. How cool is that! Conrad, an underwater residence in Rangali Island, Maldives is one of the world’s best underwater hotel. The hotel is submerged 16.4 feet underwater and is built with fine acrylic walls with a breath-taking view of the submarine. This is a proper residence with bedrooms, hall, kitchen, outdoor deck, place to witness the sunrise, etc.

It’s true that these places are pretty costly and is not easily affordable. But there are other cheap underwater bungalows as well that we can try this year and make it worth the try.

Some of the other underwater residences are as follows:

  • Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai
  • Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
  • The Manta Resort, Pemba Island
  • Zen resort, Maldives
  • Lover’s Deep, Caribbean
  • Water Discuss Hotel, Dubai

Something is better than nothing, right?

4. Buy a House Plant

buying a house plant

Growing plants is not really a part of many people’s bucket lists. But what we all fail to realize is that indoor plants are fun. There is a humungous variety of plants that are found whose growth can actually be as interesting as most of the fun activities. More than fun, their growth can be surprising and super exciting. Some of the funniest and weirdest house plants are mentioned below:

Hoya Hearts, also called as sweetheart plants are fun to see them growing. The plants actually grow in heart shape and are very low in maintenance, unlike other plants. It is often sold as a single leaf but can also be bought with vines

Rose Succulents are one of its kind. The succulents look exactly like roses and are very easy to keep them alive than actual flowers. These plants are best suited for house decoration. It’s fun to have an original flower that looks like plastic.

Haworthia Cooper is yet another plant that looks like little bubbles. Its pearly appearance is admirable but these are clumps of small rosettes which is made by fleshy green leaves.

Strings of pearls are a very special houseplant and that is because of the appearance. The plants look exactly like pearls, only greener. These are ideal for hanging and is advisable to place it in the reach of direct sunrise

Some of the other unique house plants that you can grow for fun in 2020 is as follows:

  • Peace lily
  • Chinese water bamboo
  • Tillandsia
  • Oxalis

5. Attend a Live Music Concert

attend live music concert

With a little push, all of us can try this thing before 2020 ends. The music concert might sound like a trendy term. But the truth is, it began centuries before. Officially, the first public concert is believed to be arranged by the English Violinist, John Banister. Over the years the crowd of the audience increased but however after the 2nd world war, these concerts changed into modern concerts. Modern concerts attained more popularity all over the world and countries started practicing this. The concerts are of different musical genres. There are a number of concert venues where these concerts usually take place.

Some live concerts which are planned for 2020 are listed below:

Dekmantel is one of the famous electronic music festivals. The event is expected to occur on the 31st of July in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Let it Roll is yet another banging music fest and is pretty much the mother of drum and bass music. This event is hosted on 1st July in Millovice, Czech Republic.

Tomorrowland fest is like magic come true. It’s been holding its place for 13 years and still counting and is dated from 17th – 19th of July.

Sunburn Arena with DJ Snake is going to steal the thunder of every other popular concert that was conducted in India. The international pop star takes part in this concert on the 21st of March in Mumbai.

Some of the other world-class music concerts are as follows:

  • Meadows in the mountain
  • Montreux Jazz festival
  • Hellfest Open Air Festival
  • Les Eurockeennes
  • Snowbombing

6. Summer Olympics in Tokyo

tokyo olymbic 2020

The Olympics in Tokyo is an upcoming international multi-sports event that is scheduled from the 24th of July to the 9th of August this year. The Olympics is hosted in Japan and over 206 nations are expected to join the event. This is the second time since a long time that Tokyo is hosting the summer Olympics. The first one was hosted in 1964.
The government of Japan is taking extreme measures to make this event a great success. It is also focussing on easing the railways and airways for transportation to avoid any kind of interruption as such. The venue is announced to be the National Stadium of Japan. The proposed designs for its renovation went for bidding and out of 46 finalists, Zaha Hadid Architecture won the project. There are about 43 venues arranged for different sports in different areas.

The average price of tickets ranges from 7,000 yen. 50% of the tickets are expected to be sold for 8,000 yen or less. Tickets will be sold in about 40,000 shops in Japan and mail addresses. International visitors should visit Japan to purchase tickets or can also buy tickets to some third parties such as travel agents. The events are planned to be broadcasted in many channels such as NHK, NBC Universal Properties, Discovery Inc, BBC, France Televisions, NTT Docomo.

It looks like once in a lifetime opportunity!

7. Expo 2020

expo 2020

Expo 2020 is a world-class expo that is going to be held in Dubai. The opening date is announced as October 20, 2020. The BIE awarded Dubai as the host for this expo. This is basically a platform of innovation. The stage is open to the entire world. The first world expo was held in London in the 19th century and is known to be the best exhibition of all industries in the world.

The expo site in Dubai is located in Dubai South, which is close to Al Maktoum International Airport. The Dubai Metro has planned to take 46,000 passengers per hour to the Expo under 16 minutes from Dubai Marina. The main theme of the expo is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. Al Wasl Plaza will be the heart of the expo and the dome which will 65 meters in height can hold up to 10,000 visitors.

Each participating country will have its own pavilion. The event focuses on shaping the future in the best way with ideas and innovations from different countries. About 192 countries are participating in this expo which was confirmed in 2019. A one-day ticket cost would be about AED 120, three days tickets will range up to 260 AED. There is a 50% discount for students of any age and youth aged 6-17. The best part of the expo is that it gives free access to kids below 5 years of age and elders above 65 years of age. It also allows free access to disabled people and the caregiver can buy the entry ticket for half the price.

8. Watch a Rocket Launch

watch rocket launch

Rocket launches! On a scale of 1-10, how cool do you think it could be? A ball of fire booms into space and could not be a memory that can be forgotten soon. There are so many beautiful things about viewing a rocket launch. The launches can be amazingly different each time and it is a visual treat.

A rocket launch can be witnessed from various locations. It can be in the air, on the water, on the shores, etc. But each spot has a unique beauty to it. To watch rocket launches in the air view, beachside helicopters provide the best view by allowing us to witness it from mid-air. The prices are quite affordable but it is important to contact these services and schedule booking at the right time of the rocket launch.

Viewing these launches from water is the next best thing that we can do. Renting a jet ski or a boat could be the best option to view the launch from the water. This will give a perfect flat view of the launch which is a bonus point.

Viewing the launch from the seashore is the best way because no efforts need to take. Just a little walk towards the beach will take you five miles away from the launch. The best thing about this is that you can watch the launch with your family and friends just like that. One of the common spots for this view is Playalinda Beach at Canaveral National Seashore.

9. Witnessing Northern Lights

witnessing northern lights

Not a hundred lives will be enough to describe the beauty and magic of northern lights. Northern lights were a mystery for most of the people. To live in a world were places like these exist is a miracle. Witnessing these Northern lights should be the top-most in the to-do list of every individual.

Northern lights can also be called as polar lights or southern lights. It is an aurora of light caused by the solar wind. It is necessary that we visit the northern lights during the dark and therefore late August or September would be the best time to visit Northern lights. Though it looks like a magic land there are hundreds of people living in this area. So there are many options such as winter fishing, wildlife safari, experiencing the Sami culture, dog sledding, northern lights safari, etc.

Many travel agents provide exclusive and worthy packages for a trip to northern lights which can be the most exciting and incredible thing one can do in 2020.

10. Try a New Adventure

try new adeventure

Trying an adventure is not an easy thing for everyone. But we will never know our capability until we push our limits. There is a pile of adventure out there that we see in media and social sites every day. Though it seems to be scary, our heart desires to try those adventures. So, why deny the desire and bury it? After all, we only live once!
Some of the exciting adventures that we can add to the 2020 bucket list are as follows:
Night hiking is a fun-filled adventure that we can try with our friends or cousins. Hiking is so 2000 and night hiking could be a good chance. It is even more adventurous when we cannot figure out anything around in the dark

Freshwater Snorkeling is one of a kind. There are so many freshwaters into which you can go snorkeling for a better experience of the sea animals and plants.
Chadar Trek in Ladakh can be a great adventurous experience because we get to walk over the frozen river. The best part is the place open only during the winter season of January and February for a better experience.

A hot air balloon is yet another super-cool adventure that can be experienced best from November to June. Sky Waltz Balloon Safari is a popular service provided in Jaipur.
You can also try other adventures such as scuba diving, Bungie jumping, paragliding, river rafting, mountain climbing, snow skating, etc which can be a breath-taking experience.
Other things that we should try by the end of 2020:
• Visiting a world dance event
• Traveling in a ferry boat
• Visiting an aquarium
• Running a marathon
• Relaxing in a spa
• Camping
• Meditate 1 hour/day
• Participating in the national high-five day
• Cook a meal for friends and family
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