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Instruction to learn dance

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Instruction to learn dance

Dance is an art. Some people are natural talents who don’t even need regular practice to be perfect, while others have to work their heart out even to learn the basics. Whatever your category, these simple dance tips will help you in the learning process, towards becoming a better dancer. Read along if you have been planning to start afresh.

1.       Find Your Style

Learn to Dance Step 1 Version 2.jpgSo you have decided to learn dancing? Well the first thing you would want to do is to actually pick a dance-form of your choice. Remember that no dance form is better or worse than any other. Also, while you might have been in love with Bharatanatyam since childhood, you might not have the same feeling for Break-dance or Salsa. So don’t take the wrong initial step, and choose wisely according to your interests.

2.       Watch and learn

The best way to learn is to watch first. Carefully note the various body movements, fluidity of movements, and balance. These are some of the basic essentials, which will help a lot with the technicalities required in your dance later. Go to dance performances, watch dance videos, read books, and overall do everything you can to increase your knowledge and experience. This even includes having a sound grasp over the history and background of your dance-form, which will ultimately set you apart.

3.       Improve your Posture

A good posture improves overall balance and body control. It helps you look good and confident, and renders a unique character to your dance personality. Especially useful in partner and ballet dancing a good posture makes your dancing easy, while making your body and its movements graceful and elegant at the same time. Little things like standing straight with body weight evenly distributed between the feet, unlocking the knees, keeping head in line with the spine, etc can help you go a long way.

4.       Confidence is the Key

Confidence is the most important thing for doing anything, not just learning dance. A confident person’s body movements are more open, flexible, and fluid; while it also makes you become mentally strong so that you are open to new challenges and situations. It even lets you emerge as the leader in a group of equally talented dancers.

5.       Listen to music

A great dance is accompanied by great music. Find a song, music, or tune which is similar to your dance mood. Focus on the beats and rhythm of the music and incorporate it in your dancing. This will not only let you enjoy a little more, but also teach you a lot of things like filling gaps. When you are used to this routine, pick any random song, and try to be a little creative. All this will ultimately turn you into an intuitive and prolific dancer.

6.       Practice, Practice, Practice

There is no shortcut to this. The more you dance, the more you will learn about yourself, your strengths, and weaknesses, and the more you will know about you dance, more will be the chances for building on your strengths and neutralizing you weaknesses. This is pretty straightforward. Always remember, even someone like a Roger Federer or a Lionel Messi needs practice to be perfect. You may be a unique talent, but as long as you are not in touch, you will always find things difficult.

7.       Videotape and Analyse

Watch yourself dance through a spectator’s eyes. Take note of your subtlest movements, and ponder over how you can make them more graceful and pleasing to the eyes. This is something, which will ultimately help you get over those little issues and flaws, to which the concerned person largely remains blind; but others can see clearly. While many instructors don’t give permission to record your dancing, you can very well indulge if you are learning things yourself.

8.       Find an instructor

Find a dance instructor or join a dance school in your locality, and learn from the experts, who will provide real time feedback and assistance. In this way, you will have strict guidance, and a regular routine. It will also not allow you to get complacent. These however will cost money, so have your priorities straight. If you do decide to join, start as the lowest level student in the class, and learn and grow. Keep in mind that dance academies are no shortcuts. Your instructor will only provide guidance, and it is you yourself, who has to do all the hard work ultimately.

9.       Test Yourself

Always take your dance seriously.  Whether you have learnt it yourself or through an instructor, there is no use to any of your efforts, if you don’t showcase your talent in front of people. Challenge yourself, keep learning new stuff, constantly push your limits, and explore new territories: both physical as well as metaphysical, but also take care of your body. Take part in competitions, make a schedule and stick to it, learn, and grow.

10.   Have fun

Always keep in mind, you are doing this because it is something which pleases you. Of course, you might not be good at first, and there may be several challenges ahead, but also remember that you chose this because you have always been genuinely interested. Don’t take your dance as a work-to-do; instead take it as a hobby, as something you enjoy doing. Dance your heart out, and have lots of fun discovering a different you.




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