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How to play Flute

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How to play Flute

Flute is a wind instrument which is made from tube with holes in it. Flute player use his fingers or keys to control air flow and change sound from holes. A flute mainly has three parts: the head joint, which holds the embouchure hole; the body, which is the largest piece; and the foot joint, which is the end of the instrument.  


 In transverse, or cross, flutes (horizontally held and side blown), the stream of breath strikes the opposite rim of a lateral mouth hole. Vertical flutes such as the recorder, in which an internal flue or duct directs the air against a hole cut in the side of the instrument, are known as fipple, or whistle, flutes.


Most of the Ancient flutes were made from tubular sections of plants such as grasses, reeds, and hollowed-out tree branches. Later, flutes were made of metals such as tin, copper, or bronze. Modern concert flutes are usually made of high-grade metal alloys, usually containing nickel, silver, copper, or gold.



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